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Cricket Phaser from Pilot Next Generation Episode "Encounter at Farpoint"

This cricket phaser was used in the pilot episode of Star Trek the Next Generation entitled "Encounter at Far Point." This pilot episode helped to relaunch the Star Trek saga and bring its stories and ideals to a new generation of viewers with a new generation of characters.

This Cricket phaser features stickers for the buttons and is very light weight. The cricket phaser was used primarily in season one of the Next Generation. But did show up occasionally in seasons three through 7 in various episodes. The Cricket phaser was also used in an episode of Star Trek Voyager. Other paint schemes and styles were utilized in episodes other than the pilot episode that this phaser prop was used in.

The Cricket Phaser was meant to reinforce the ideal that humanity in the future has matured and lost the need for agressiveness at every opportunity. The Cricket phaser is a small, non threatening, easily concealed weapon meant to showcase the diplomatic and peaceful nature of humanity and its exploratory StarFleet that explores the universe. This weapon also pays homage to the phaser ones of the original TV series that also were small and primarily used by officers.

Screen Captures from the Pilot Episode Encounter at Far Point


Cricket Phaser Variations

Pilot Episode with Stickers for Buttons (This One)

Season One painted Silver and Grey with clear red front

Season Two through Five painted Silver, Dark Silver, and Bronze with clear red front

Working version as can be seen at the collection at

Known Replicas

*No Known replicas of quality of this Pilot Episode used Cricket Phaser Exist

Replicas of other styles of the Cricket phaser have been made by many including:

Ed Mariaki one with labeling words on the buttons

Other Working replicas with lights

Playmates Toy Version

Galoob Toy Version

*And a lot of others

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