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ALIEN NATION (THE MOTION PICTURE): LA police detective Matt Sykes' partner Bill Tuggle is killed
in a robbery by an unknown Tectonese. As a result George Francisco, an alien newcomer is appointed Matt's partner as well as the first newcomer detective. This promotion is partially racially motivated and done in the hopes that a newcomer on the police force will improve the chances of finding a newcomer killer. The trail leads the two of them to a Tenctonese business man who is producing a drug known as SS'JABROKA, a drug which causes dangerous effects in newcomers.

DARK HORIZON (TV FILM): Newcomers Susan and Emily are on life support machines after being infected by a chemical agent designed to kill newcomers.The Purists are mass producing a new bacteriological poison and hope to soon have enough to wipe out the entire alien race on Earth. An enterprising alien overseer from space is sent to the earth in the hopes of being able to recover the "cargo" that they lost sometime ago in the area. The cargo he seeks is the entire tectonese population which were overseer property as slaves before crashlanding on the earth.

BODY AND SOUL (TV FILM): A Tenctonese giant and a small child escape from an elaborate governmetal
complex and find their way to a place known as "little Tencton", while constantly being pursued by governmental agents. The child is finally captured by the police and he reveals a great plot to build a superweapon that is being jointly developed by agents of government and a Tectonese scientist. A relentless hunting of newcomer detective George and his entire
family ensues to try to neutralize the danger of the government's plans being brought to light publically. Matt intrigued by newcomer physiology and Cathy's sensuality attempts to pursue a more physical relation with her. He finds that he must first learn the basics of newcomer sexuality and he finds it quite amusing.

MILLENNIUM (TV FILM): A newcomer religious ceremeonial artifact known as the portal box
is stolen from newcomer elders. The box appears to transport the user to exotic alien locales. The theives of the box are using it as an hallucinogen to control a cult like following. Newcomer detective George's son Buck is drawn into this cult and joins many others who have dissapeared from society following their entrance into this cult. George, and his detective friend Matt search for Buck and uncover the nature of the cult directly.

THE ENEMY WITHIN (TV FILM): Strange occurences at an Eeno's waste recycling plant cause Matt to investigate. Cathy moves in with Matt, which generates quite a culture shock for both of them.

UDARA LEGACY (TV FILM): Newcomers who were previously model citizens
begin to committ bizarre crimes with no apparent rhyme or reason. Initially these people were brainwashed as part of a plan to use them against the Overseers. But now someone is using these people for other more sinister ends. It is discovered by Matt that Emily is one of those who was brainwashed. Buck makes a career decision about his future and considers joining LA's police force.


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