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Other Merchandise

Pete Chamber's Website
was used as a primary reference source in assembling this merchandise related information.


60 card set made by Fantasy Trade Card Company in 1990

The card backs when joined together make a picture of some of the Alien Nation cast
Cardset erroneously refers to The Tenctonese as Tanctonese
sold via wack packs with 5 cards to the pack and via Wax boxes


The Tenctonese Guide fan made

Alien Nation. embroidered shirts.

The Alien Nation Museum Guide

Copies of The Tencton Planet Newsletter fan made

Tencton Planet Button Badges, available in red, black, and white with fan club logo

Cast Postcards, Full color, laminated photographs.

Promotional Items

B/W photos

color photos

Alien National Enquirer promotional item

Electronic Press Kit, video with interviews and behind the scenes info designed to help serve promotional press purposes

Japanese Alien Nation. Film Book, Color magazine, full of photos .

Press kit

UK Campaign Booklet with alien crossword/Tenctonese alphabet .

Various "picture boards" used to promote the made for TV movies, basically a color information sheet on cardboard, with a large photo on one side, and cast information on the other.One sheets for all five of the Made for TV movies as well as the series were made.

Dark Horizon large poster, made to promote the television movie, about 3 foot by 2 foot

An Overhead Latex promotional Newcomer Mask is rumored to have been made in very limited quantities to promote the first movie.


Lapel Badge, with logo and Tenctonese 'A' made to promote movie

Embroidered Patch, made to promote movie

Embroidered Alien Nation logo patch, As would be used on a baseball cap for example

Postcards made to promote the film

Button Badge

Alien Nation Alien. Alphabet Card, Credit card sized plastic,black on white, showing the written alien alphabet

San Francisco's drivers license made as if it would be issued to the newcomer detective from the show. Realistic looking and rare.

Alien Nation. Pennant, Green Alien Nation film logo with black material


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