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Starbuck is a wild, risktaking cowboy like character that tries his best to tend to his duties as a colonial warrior while still having a lot of fun. He gambles, and schemes for the day he will be rich. He often gathers with Apollo and Boomer two of his fellow colonial warriors.

Starbuck enjoys the company of many women. He is a player at heart. But he only really cares for a few woman, Cassipio, Aurora, and Sheba. He is a champion at the game of Triad which is a cross between basketball and football. Starbuck swears on occasion with his ever growing collection of catch phrases including frack and febbelcarb.

Despite his adventursome self serving nature, he is always eager to risk his life for the fleet. When Count Iblis (the devil) strikes down Apollo, Starbuck doesen't hesitate to raise his laser and blast him regardless of the powers over the universe that Iblis has.

Starbuck bargains with the chief of an alien pig like group known as the Borays to bring peace to a primitive world. The bargain was as much food and stuff as the chief cares to have in exchange for having the cheif's kind end raids on human camps and take up farming. The exchange was based on self interest and self greed, which Starbuck knows all to well from his dealings with other gamblers throughout the galaxy.

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