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Adama is the wise old Moses figure that guides human survivors throughout the cosmos in an effort to survive and rebuild. Adama has mastered some basic mental telepathic powers, as he showcases to his son when a mysterious being named Count Iblis enters the scene. Adama believes in himself rather than the Colonial Council which has been selected to rule humanity. By acting against the wishes of the council he launches fighters which save a lone Battlestar while all others are destroyed by a Cylon sneak attack.

Adama trusts in his crew, most notable his son, Apollo, and his trusted crew advisor Tye. Other than the Colonial Council only one other man vies for command of his fleet, and that is a war hero known as Cain. Adama is a being of compassion but one of disipline as well. Throughout the Battlestar saga, he orders viper launches, food deployment and all manner of orders.

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