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Apollo is the son of Commander Adama, the leader of the last Battlestar, The Galactica. He serves as a commander of sorts for the small squad of supercharged space attack ships known as the vipers. He appears to die during a battle with a character known as Count Iblis but who really is better known as lucifer, the devil, or the prince of darkness. After his apparent death a group of energy beings give life back to him.

Apollo believes his father is the best, and only just leader for what remains of humanity. In spite of Colonial Council meetings to remove his father from power, Apollo always sticks by his father no matter what. Apollo finds a romantic interest in Serina a girl he rescues from annhilation at the hands of the cylons. Apollo helps Serina's son by having a robotic dog constructed for him.

Above all else Apollo is a warrior. He represents ideals to a generation of warriors that are yet to be.

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