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Battlestar Replica Prop and Costume Links (replicas for sale of just about everything except ships) (replicates battlestar galactica, things for sale) (colonial viper ship replica kit for sale) (replica collector/information page) (replica ships on display) (manufacturer of licensed items)

Battlestar Original Prop and Costume Links (Battlestar Galactica collector,has pictures of replica ships too) (collector that has a colonial viper, and a cylon raider ship, has some things for sale) (Collector of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Other) (sells variety of Battlestar things) (has Battlestar collar insignia)**LINKED (currently has some Battlestar things for sale, look and ask) (may still have colonial viper for sale, ask)

Battlestar Merchandise

Order Battlestar Galactica Feature Film From (best source for V photographs, look under black and white tv too) best source for scripts


Battlestar Galactica Essays - Parody style review of Battlestar Galactica with references to Star Wars and Star Trek.

Other Galactica Pages features fan art and character pictures - fan site of Daggit features pictures of the stuffed Daggit Toy from 1979 in various outfits and poses. (excellent source for Galactica information) (Costumes and props from the show on display as well as lots of information about the show and pictures) (Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar site) (site of Battlestar actor Richard Hatch) (stories and other information) (info about licensed Battlestar Galactica merchandise) (Battlestar Galactica fan club and magazine) (Pictures from the show) (Dutch Battlestar Galactica Fan Club) (interesting llustrations and page about the fleet of Galactica) (official page of actor John Colicos who portrayed Baltar in Battlestar Galactica) (Battlestar Mush) (episode guide to Battlestar Galactica and Galactica 1980) (nice computer graphic pictures of ships from Galactica) (designed concept sketches for the Cylons) (favorite episode poll, character biographies and more) (pictures of a large collection of licensed Battlestar Galactica items) glossary of terms reunion pictures good character pics detailed character coverage boomer site pictures and other stuff includes pictures of the characters

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