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Colonial Command Hierarchy

After the great holocaust that destroyed human civilization a new command hierarchy for humanity began to take place. At the head is the Colonial Council of 12. Because of the immediate threat of annhilation from further cylon attack, the Council gives Commander Adama of the only Battlestar they have a status as defacto leader. The council does however intercede from time to time and meddle with Adama's plans. In one instance they almost turn the fleet over to the mysterious Count Iblis to command. In another instance they scrutinize Adama with a tagalong council member. As a result of this the Council becomes hostages to Baltar during his escape attempt.

Beneath the council and Commander Adama lie the Colonial Warriors who wield great power within the fleet. Beneath the warriors lies free citizens. And even further down that that in the Colonial social hierarchy lie prisoners. For some reason inspite of a shortage of ships to take everything of value into space, man manages to bring along cutthroats and murderers. And prisoners on one occasion are used in a near suicide mission to knock out a cannon in the Gun on Ice Planet Zero episode. They were expendable that pretty much sums up their status in society.

Probably even below the prisoners lies Baltar the greatest of human traitors. He has no status at all within human society. Baltar is even arrested when he comes aboard the Galactica under a universal sign of peace to talk about the mysterious lights in the sky during the War of the Gods episode.

Hierarchy of Colonial Society from Top to Bottom

1. Council of 12

2. Commander Adama

3. Colonial Warriors

4. Free Citizens

5. Prison Barge Inmates

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