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Colonial Technology

The Battlestars

The backbone of the Colonial War machine was their fleet of Battlestars that roam the cosmos protecting encampments and colonies throughout much of the known world. The Battlestars unfortuatnely are all but extinct since the Cylons surprise attack during supposed peace negotiations. Only the Galactica was known to survive, but another Battlestar was eventually found, the Pegasus. With two Battlestars humanity went on the offensive and attacked the Cylon home world. Battestars are more or less aircraft carriers in the sky. They move slowly, and carry limited defenses in the form of a shield, protective guns, and most importantly Colonial Vipers.

The Colonial Vipers

The Colonial Viper is easily the fastest fightercraft known in the universe. It is highly maneuverability and has the ability to turbo boost its speed as needed. The Cylon's Raider ships are no match for Colonial Vipers one on one, so the Vipers are usually attacked by a group of Cylon ships rather than one on one. In addition to a technological advantage, a human pilot which is unpredictable and creative also gives humanity a fighting chance against superior numbers of Cylon attackers.

The Blaster

On the ground Colonial Warriors are equipped with handheld laser pistols. These weapons are smaller and more manageable than Cylon laser rifles but they pack more than enough punch.

Other Ships

The Colonial fleet is not just a collection of powerful Viper fighters and a giant Battlestar fortress in space. The bulk of the fleet is a hodgepodge of outdated technology, and slow moving transport vessels. From this vantage point technology holds the fleet back, as the Galactica most travel at the speed of the slowest vessels in the fleet

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