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Commander Cain

Commander Cain stands Smugly in a position of attention; adorned with the red flaming symbol of his Battlestar the Pegasus, he leads his men to victory after victory.

Cain is the living legend of the Battlestar Galactica saga. Out of no where his Battlestar, the Pegasus appears in space before the crew of the Galactica. Cain immediately begins to plan strategies not to better retreat from Cylon forces but to attack them head on. Cain's crew is completely loyal to him as his plans always succeed inspite of their daring natures.

Commander Adama of the Galactica wants to gather fuel so his fleet can escape and even suggests taking half of the fuel from Commander Cain's Battlestar to help refuel the fleet. Cain of course would not allow that. With a fuel shortage looming Cain, blows up Cylon tankers rather than gather fuel from them as ordered. He did this to necessitate an attack on the Cylon Home Planet to get even more fuel than the Cylon tankers had. He figures if such drastic steps are not taken then the fleet will run out of fuel shortly as there wasn't that much in the Cylon tankers to begin with.

With the Colonial fleet surrounded by three Cylon basestars, Cain decides to fight them all off all by himself without the asssitance of the Galactica. Much like American's World War 2 General Patton, Cain succeeds inspite of orders given and inspite of the odds. In the end his Battlestar appears to be destroyed but no one can be certain of even that.

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