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Cylon Technology

*Also See Cylon Robotic Social Hierarchy

* Also see Science and Irony of Battlestar Galactica

Cylon Raider

The Cylon Raider is a an attack craft piloted by 3 robotic cylon centurian pilots. The craft is slow and rather unmaneuverable but its easy to produce and maintain. It is inferior to the Colonial Viper attack craft but quieter and available in great quantities to attack and defend enemies within the Cylon's sphere of influence.

Cylon Basestar

The Basestar is the Cylon equivalent of the Colonial Battlestar. The only real difference is that the Basestars look more like giant parking garages than vessels of war. And in essence they are just large parking garages for waves of cylon raider attack craft which are the real punch that the Basestars can deliver. The Basestar's have a few defensive lasers to prevent attack but beyond their fighters they have few offensive capabilities.

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