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Female Characters

Sheba is the daughter of the commander of the Battlestar Pegasus. She believes in her father and even undertakes a daring assault on the Cylon Home world as part of one of her father's plans. She is ultimately wounded in combat and comes to know the Galactica as her new home after the Pegasus appears to be destroyed during an attack on three Cylon Basestars.

Sheba is an object of affection for Count Iblis who later appears mysteriously and woes and seduces Sheba. After Count Iblis strikes down Apollo she swears to never listen to Iblis again. Through her encounters with Iblis and her assault on the Cylon home world Sheba illustrates that she is both brave and naive but nonthless she's one of the ladies of Battlestar and that should count for something.


Serena is played by Jane Seymour of later Dr Quinn Medicine Woman fame. In the Battlestar saga Serena plays a citizen of the human colony of Capricorn that is ravashed by a surprise Cylon sneak attack. Her world is destroyed and all that she has left is her son Boxy.

Serena befriends Apollo, a Colonial Warrior that helps rescue her and her son. Serena marries Apollo but is killed soon after.

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Cassipio is a girl that Starbuck finds while acessing the Colonial fleet for damage and food right after the ragtag fleet has been assembled to flee the Cylon's together. Cassipia was a solicitor or prostitute in the past but Starbuck doesen't seem to mind that.

Cassiopia tries to keep Starbuck her boyfriend on a short leash but Starbuck still manages to eye all the ladies he can. When an old flame Aurora shows up on the scene, Starbuck just has to go visit her inspite of what Cassipia might think.

Cassipia breaks up a near fight between Starbuck and a fellow Colonial pilot, Ortega. It seems she always is trying to bail Starbuck out of trouble and keep him faithful. Cassipia has a celestial name and it does signify her role in the saga as a celestial beauty to view and cherish.


Athena is in many ways a thing of decor for the Battlestar saga. She sits perched in the command bridge of the Galactica and receives intelligence info to relay to Commander Adama, Colonial Viper pilots, and the bridge in general. She in essence is just an excuse to have a female on the bridge. With a mischievious smile she brightens the Battlestar saga up a bit.


Aurora is a long lost fling of Starbuck. Starbuck finds that she is still alive to be an interesting discovery during a celebration banquet. Starbuck ventures aboard her ship and encounters an iron fisted ship commander and a mutiny which Aurora takes part in.

Siress Tinia

A Colonial Council member assigned to keep an eye on Adama. She toys with his every command and proves a real nuisance.

Colonial Female Flight Controller Rigel

The friendly voice and face that guides Colonial Vipers through launch and landing procedures. With her cute radio headset and feminine charm she guides what remains of the legendary vipers into battle time and time again.

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