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Galactica 1980 Episode Guide

Galactica Discovers Earth (3 Part Story)

The Galactica's crew discovers Earth, their legendary home planet, but find its primitive in the area of technology. Colonial Warriors Troy and Dillon are dispatched to try to help speed up Earth's technological development. A renegade scientist from the Galactica finds Earth's advances too slow and uses time travel to give technology to people of the past; the Nazis. Colonial Warriors Troy, and Dillon, along with an Earth newswoman travel back in time to try to save Earth's future.

The Super Scouts

Surprise Cylon raids force coloinial warriors, Troy and Dillon to hide a group of children from the Galactica on Earth. The children become sick from polluted water on the Earth and an American Colonel attempts to capture them for interrogation.


Colonial Warrios Troy and Dillon are sent on a phony mission to kidnap children from the Galactica that are on Earth. The children arrive at a camp for underprivaleged children and play Baseball with a US Airforce Colonel and a renegade Galactican scientist waiting to strike.

The Night the Cylons Landed

A damaged Cylon craft crashlands on America's east coast during Halloween and its pilots survive which include a regular cylon and a humanoid android. A cylon centurian is seen but because its Halloween everyone just thinks its a cool costume. The cylon plans to take control of a radio station in New York and notify the cylon fleet of Earth, a primitive planet of human life the cylons were not aware of. Colonial Warriors Troy and Dillon attempt to stop the Cylons from calling up their fleet with information about Earth.

So this is New York

Cylons in costume participate in a costume party for media executives. Everyone thinks their costumes are the coolest. The cylons start a fire during the party and colonial warriors Troy and Dillon have to save a girl from the fires.

Space Croppers

A cylon attack destroys a Galactican farm ship and the fleet in space is in need of food fast. Colonial Warrios, Dillon and Troy team up with an Earth farmer to grow crops quickly. The farmer has problems from his landlord which also requires some attention.

The Return of Starbuck

Aboard the Galactica a teenage genuis scientist tells Commander Adama about a dream he had involving legendary colonial pilot Starbuck. In the dream Starbuck crashes on a planet after his ship is shot down by a cylon raider. On the planet Starbuck finds utter boredom and loneliness. He finally takes it upon himself to repair one of the Cylon robots that piloted the ship that shot him down. After much work and luck he wires one to work. Upon activation the Cylon calls Starbuck an enemy and has to be deactivated. Upon reactivation the Cylon wonders why it was reactivated and starts to give Starbuck a time to explain without trying to kill him. The Cylon and Starbuck become friends of sorts. The cylon exclaims that their members are grown whole and that humanity should do the same as its much more efficient than birth and the whole growing up process. Finally a Cylon rescue crew arrives in search of their crashed comrade. Upon finding a human Starbuck they attempt to kill him with Cylon laser pistols but Starbuck's Cylon buddy kills his own robotic kind to save Starbuck. This is the best episode from the Galactica 80 series. Its too bad the series ended after this, but all the other episodes really were bad. This final episode in a way represents the storyline of a machine protector that the legendary Terminator 2 Movie was all about more than 11 years later.

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