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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

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Saga of a Star World - 3 one hour episodes

A treaty for peace is being negotiated between the robotic cylons and the human colonies spread throughout the cosmos. One human named Baltar serves as a human ambassador of sorts representing the good will of the Cylons. The Cylons however have a plan of their own and launch a sneak attack on the massive Battlestar ships that protect the colonies of humanity. Baltar comforts the human colonies as Cylon ships approach. The Colonial Council is slow to respond as they believe that peace truly has been found with the cylons. Only a single Battlestar, the Galactica is able to launch its fighters and survive. The other Battlestars are destroyed. Cylon forces then travel to the colony planets of man and annhilate all human establishments that they can. This was to be known as the great Holocaust. After this massive tragedy, the commander of the Battlestar Galactica, Adama organizes the survivors of this great Holocaust into an assortment of 220 ships and vessels of all sorts known as the rag tag fleet. Adama seeks to take these human survivors to their legendary home world, Earth. The fleet stops on the planet Carillon to replenish the fleet's fuel supply. There the Colonials discover a vast gambling play ground where everyone seems to win and no one ever seems to lose. Colonial pilot Starbuck wonders why he has never heard of this place since everything appears almost as if you can't lose. The planet is run by reptilian like creatures called the Ovion. The reason everyone wins at gambling on the planet is because the planet is a trap; a trap to obtain human prey to be used as food. The Cylons also have a deal with the Ovions wherein the Cylons leave the planet alone provided the Ovion's provide the Cylon empire with fuel. Once this becomes apparent Colonial Warriors battle there way out against the Ovion's and their Cylon protectors.

Lost Planet of the Gods - 2 Part

The Galactica, desperate to avoid Cylon pursuit heads into a magnetic void that scrambles navigational signals. A strange virus strikes down all Colonial pilots except Apollo and Starbuck. Females are quickly trained to be used as pilots instead of the regular male ones. The Colonial fleet while nearly lost spots a star's pulsating light which leads the Galactica to the planet Cobol where human life is believed to have began. Baltar tracks them to Cobol and launches a Cylon attack that kills Apollo's bride, Serina (Jane Seymore from Dr Quinn).

The Lost Warrior

Apollo crash lands on a planet that mimics Americas the old style American West. One land barron terrorizes everyone with the help of a reprogrammed cylon called red eye that serves him. Apollo befriends a woman and her child. In the end Apollo draws against a cylon and wins despite the odds.

The Long Patrol

Starbuck tests out a new ultra fast experimental Colonial viper. In place of laser turrets, the craft has a voice recognition computer name CORA that talks to Starbuck with an enticing female voice. Starbuck's experimental craft is stolen, and is arrested and placed on the prison asteriod Proteus. The prisoners of this prision are descendant of relatives who commited crimes in the past. In essence the prisoners are in jail for crimes their relatives did and are being punished for the sins of their relatives. The prisoners are used to make the intoxicating agent known as ambrosia. Starbuck leads a revolt with his fellow inmates and escapes.

The Gun on Ice Planet Zero -2 Part

Baltar pushes the Galactica closer and closer to a plant with a giant Cylon pulsar cannon. Starbuck, Apollo, and a team of convicts from the prison barge go down to the planet and try to knock out the cannon before the Galactica is within range. On the planet they discover a series of male and female worker clone slaves and their creator Dr. Ravishol. Ravishol continues to perform scientific research even though his greatest invention, the Ravishol Pulsar meant to beam intelligence throughout the universe is being misued by Cylons as a weapon of war. This episode features a Gold Command Centurian with a deeper pitch of voice. Ultimately the worker clone slaves are lead in a revolt by the Galactica crew and the giant Cylon gun is knocked out.

The Magnificent Warriors

The Cylons destory the food ships of the Galactica and the Colonials are forced to find a new source for food. They land on a planet and try to barter for grain. One woman, on the planet Siress Belloby absolutely is infatuated with Commander Adama and she of course has equipment necessary to complete the trade for grain. Adama tries to humor her a bit for the sake of the fleet. The planet is ravaged by a group of pig like raiders known as the boray's. They come at night and ransack, and steal from the people. The people have one means of defense against the Boray, that is their sherrif. Sherrifs don't last very long against the Borays though. Starbuck is tricked into becoming the Sherrif and uses his own cowboy gamblers wit to resolve the Boray situation. Starbuck discovers that the leader of the Borays is very lazy. The Boray leader becomes the town sherrif and he gets enough grain and loot for himself without having to lift a finger since his kind will leave the people alone if he tells them to.

The Young Lords

Starbuck crashlands on a planet and is found by a band of children warriors. They pretend to wish to help Starbuck but in reality they plan to trade him for their father whom cylons on the planet have captured. All appears well until it is discovered that the Cylon's had traded a dummy rather than the actual father in exchange for Starbuck. Upon realizing their mistake Starbuck, and the children devise a plan to free the father from a guarded cylon castle via diversions and clever strategy.

The Living Legend - 2 Part

Apollo and Starbuck find another Battlestar in space as part of their routine patrols. The Battlestar is the Pegasus and is commanded by one of humanity's most legendary war heros from the past Commander Cain. Cain quickly assesses the strengths of the Galactica and the Colonial fleet. He determines that with two Battlestars Humanity can achieve its first clean victory against the Cylons since they lost the war. Commander Adama of the Galactica thinks that the fleet needs to be protected at all costs. Cain on the other hand thinks its time to attack the Cylon home world of Gamoray. Cain blows up Cylon tankers he is told to gather fuel from so that the fleet will have no choice but to attack the Cylon World and gather its fuel from there. A small recon team lands on the Cylon home world and knocks out the planet's surface to air defenses. The Cylon's Imperious leader is visiting the planet as all of this is going on. Baltar now has three Cylon Basestar ships and attempts to crush both the Galactica and the Pegasus Battlestars. Commander Cain however is not going down without a fight as he pushes straight toward the three Basestars, and fires his missiles. The Pegasus destroys two Cylon Basestars but no one knows if the Pegasus survived and fleed into space or if it was destroyed.

Fire in Space

A Cylon crashlands into the Galactica's landing bay kamikaze style. A fire erupts throughout the Galactica and spreads rapidly throughout the ship. Athena and Boxey get trapped by the fire and Boomer decides to use the robotic daggit dog Moffit to crawl through airducts in search of help. Outside the Galactica, Apollo and Starbuck plant explosive fire extinguisher charges in an effort to stop the ship's fire. This fire would seem to be something that was bound to happen sooner or later with no lasers inside the landing bay for protection.

War of the Gods - 2 Part

The Galactica discovers a humanoid being who's ship has crashlanded. The being is known as Count Iblis and soon he comes aboard the Galactica and becomes known throughout the fleet because of his strong leadership abilities and persuasiveness. Iblis asks for command of the colonial fleet, and allows for 3 wishes to be granted as a sign of his power and ability to guide the fleet to safety. Iblis promises that humanity's enemy will be delivered onto them as that is the first wish that the colonial coucil asks for Iblis to grant. Within a short period of time Baltar hails the Galactica and asks if he may come aboard under a universal sign of peace to discuss a new menace in space. That menace is simply a collection of white lights that can come and go as they please and seem to be manned by some sort of intelligence. Iblis refers to them as the lights of everlasting darkness. After Baltar arives on the Galactica he is arrested and put in a jail cell. It appears that Count Iblis has delivered humanity's enemy to them. Throughout the colonial fleet everyone celebrates but Adama, and Apollo who remain susipicious of Iblis. Iblis meets Baltar in his jail cell and tells him that all is not lost. Baltar recognizes Iblis' voice as that of the imperious cylon leader. Baltar realizes that for Iblis's voice to be that of the machine cylon Imperious leader that he would have to be the equivalent of several thousand years old. In addition to granting wishes, Iblis has the power to read minds. Adama shows his son that even he can move things with his mind to a degree. Adama theorizes that beings that live a long time would learn how to use powers of the mind that humans have yet to even comprehend. This might explain Iblis' apparent mental powers. Apollo travels down to the planet whre Count Iblis was found along with Sheba and Starbuck. There they meet Iblis who commands them to not look in his ship. Apollo finally figures out who Iblis really is. Iblis is the prince of darkness, satain, lucifer or any number of other names that people use to describe the devil. Iblis strikes down Apollo dead which causes Starbuck to shoot at him but it has no effect. Beings of light bring Apollo back to life and its as if Iblis, and everything had never happened.

The Man with Nine Lives

An old conman named Chameleon convinces Starbuck that he's his father. Three bearded bounty hunters known as Borellian's hunt Chameleon while Starbuck tries to protect him. The Boreillian's hurl energy orbs at enemies much like Gambit of the X-men does.

Murder on the Rising Star

Starbuck is accused of murdering a fellow viper pilot named Ortega, (the Visitor Martin/Phillip from "V"). Ortega plays Triad the game with Starbuck and fights to win, which causes bitter feelings between Starbuck and Ortega. When Ortega is found dead and Starbuck is found at the scene Starbuck is arrested. His weapon is tested and found to have been recently fired. The energy discharge of the weapon matches that of the wound Ortega received when he died. Starbuck is put on trial and Apollo acts as his advocate even though he has little legal experience. Apollo searches for the real killer of Ortega and then leaves Boomer as Starbuck's advocate. Apollo comes to believe that the killer of Ortega was a traitor who rigged human defenses on Capricorn during the Cylon invasion. Apollo narrows down the possible killer to three men, and arranges to have them present in a prison transport vessel along with Baltar. Baltar fears that he himself might be killed because he knows who Starbuck's killer really is. Baltar helps to save Apollo during a struggle and Starbuck's true killer is revealed.

Greetings from Earth 2 Part Episode

During routine patrols in space, Starbuck and Apollo find a primitive space craft with a family inside under a suspended animation state. The inhabitants of the craft can not live within the atmosphere of the Galactica. The Colonial Council wants them to stay anyway. Starbuck, Apollo, and Cassiopea sneak the ship out of the Galactica and return the ship to its original course in space, the planet Paradeen. A primitive Human force in space known as the Eastern Alliance captures the family but the crew of the Galactica intervene and then capture the Eastern Alliance Task Force men. From one of the suspended animation family members, the Galactica crew learns of a planet named Terra which they believe to be Earth. The Galactica sets course for Terra.

Baltar's Escape

Colonial Commander Adama is under close scrutiny from the Council of 12. A woman named Siress Tinia is empowered by the council to watch over Adama's every move. While this is going on, Baltar plans to escape from the Colonial Fleet. Baltar enlists the help of three Borellian Nomads, and Eastern Alliance prisoners in his bid to escape. The Colonial Council interferes with Adama's orders and Baltar captures several Colonial Council members and holds them as hostages. Baltar plans to escape in his Cylon Fighter which he originally flew to discuss the lights in the sky during the War of the Gods episode. The Colonials give Baltar back his fighter but reprogram its Cylon pilot to malfunction which he quickly does when at the control as he repeatedly bashes in the control panel with his fist. This prevents Baltar's escape.

Experiment in Terra

Colonial pilots Starbuck and Apollo follow an Easteran Alliance Destroyer (the strange Nazi like human force from the Greetings from Earth Episode) to the planet Terra. The Colonials believe Terra may be the legendary planet Earth they have been searching for. The beings of light from the War of the Gods episode convince Apollo to try to convince the people of Terra to opt for peace over nuclear war. Apollo is sent back in a disguise as a citizen of Terra. He is unable to create peace and missiles are launched. The Galactica destroys the missiles and the planet Terra overts annihilation. The people of Terra start to see how they must work together or they will one day destroy themselves. The beings of light through John tell Apollo that the planet Terra is not the planet Earth that the Colonial fleet is seeking.

Take the Celestra

The Colonial fleet holds an award ceremony which is attended by a minor commander known as Kronos who commands a small vessel, the Celestra. Starbuck discovers that one of his old girlfriends, Aurora is among those who arrived from the Celestra with Kronos. Starbuck decides to break a date with his current girlfriend Cassiopea and go aboard the Celestra to see Aurora. Aurora confronts Starbuck and asks why he didn't try to even check with records to see that she was still alive and with the fleet. If he ever cared he would hvae done that long ago she figures. While onboard the Celestra a coup for command of the ship occurs againt commander Kronos and Aurora is a part of the coup. The plan to seize power of the ship fails and at first Starbuck considers such actions mutiny, but once he sees how tyrannical the ship's commander Kronos is he changes his mind. After this first mutiny another mutiny is lead by an ambitious Celestra crew member. This time the Celestra is thrown off course dangerously. Commander Kronos saves his ship from disaster and then has a heart attack and dies.

The Hand of God

The Galactica spots a long range cylon outpost, a basestar in space. The Galactica crew fears they will have to go straight toward the Basestar in an attempt to escape Cylon pursuers. Starbuck and Apollo take a damaged Cylon Raider craft and infilitrate the basestar. They set explosives everywhere in an effort to take out the ship's scanners. This evens the odds and the Galactica destroys the Basestar.

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