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Count Iblis

Count Iblis is a creature of many names, of great age, and of vast mental ability. Iblis has been known throughout the ages as the Prince of Darkness, as Lucifer, Belzebob, and Satan. In the War of the Gods episodes of Battlestar Galactica, Iblis serves as a way to bring the fight between good and evil to a higher level.

Iblis has the ability to grant wishes and manipulate space and time. His voice is the one used by the Supreme Cylon Commander. This is possible because the voice was transcribed into a digital format thousands of Yahron's (nearly years) ago before the machine like cylons even existed. Iblis says this timeless familiar nature to his voice makes his voice the voice of truth. The saga infers that Iblis was part of the race of beings that were overcome by thier own technology which gave birth to the Cylon empire.

Iblis matches wits with commander Adama and Apollo, the only real humans that doubt him at first amidst the pleasures he seems to give with such ease. Iblis has enemies though; beings of white light that serve as guardians of the rules of the universe. He warns to not be beguiled by "the lights of everlasting darkness" but really this just masks his own beguiling nature. Iblis after all collects souls and manipulates people's hopes and dreams. In the end Iblis leaves the Battlestar saga after only 2 episodes. Just as messengers, prophets, and gods come and go, Iblis dissapears.

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