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Colonial Warrior Boomer

Boomer is among the top 3 Colonial Warriors showcased throughout the saga. He never really develops as important of a role as Starbuck or Apollo. Boomer in one episode uses his brain to save the lives of Boxy, himself and many others who are caught in the midst of a fire buring deep in the Galactica. Boomer sends the robotic Daggit Boxy out for help. Boomer is a fixture of the Battlestar saga inspite of his small lead role in the saga he is always around.

Colonial Warrior Jolly

Jolly is in many senses just another Colonial Viper pilot. He is not sent down on ground based missions as much as Starbuck, Apollo, or even Boomer. Jolly does however make the saga more believable as at least with Jolly present the saga does not denigrate into a show of nameless, ever changing secondary characters such as Star Trek is often famous for.

Colonial Warrior Zac

Apollo's biological brother and a fellow Viper pilot. He is killed defending the Galactica during the Cylon sneak attack after the supposed treaty of peace is signed between humanity and the Cylons. He saves his brother's life and slows down the rapid Cylon advance towards the vulnerable Colonial fleet in space.

Colonial Warrior Bojay

A viper pilot from the Battlestar Pegasus commanded by Commander Cain. He believes in daring offensive attacks rather than defensive maneuvering much like his commander, Cain. He stays with the Galactica after his Battlestar the Pegasus is believed to have been destroyed by 3 Cylon Basestars.

Colonial Warrior Ortega

Ortega is a Colonial Warrior that enjoys the game of triad just as Starbuck and Apollo do. Ortega plays to win and plays rough. He rubs Starbuck the wrong way and when Ortega ends up dead Starbuck is the prime suspect. Ortega was played by Frank Ashemore who is most famous for his role as Martin and Phillip in the "V" saga.

Colonial Colonel Tye

Colonel Tye is the second in command of the Galactica. Often he is even left in charge while Adama goes off on various missions or meetings. Tye often schemes with Adama to get around foolish orders of the Colonial council. In one episode Tye gathers as many extra Viper uniforms as he can so that miscellaneous crew members can be sent to parties on the planet Carillon in place of real viper pilots. This was done to prepare the fleet for a possible attack inspite of the Council's desire to let the crew and even the Colonial Viper pilots all party far from their ships.

Colonial Flight Officer Omega

Omega is a flight control officer that oversees a variety of functions of the Galactica. He reports bad news and enemy attacks to Commander Adama. He is even used to make recruitment advertisements for new Colonial Warriors. This ad is used by three members of the Boreillian Nomen as a reason to come aboard the Galactica to fulfill their latest bloodhunt or hired killing.

Colonial Dr. Wilker

Dr Wilker is the fleet's most skilled technical scientist. Not only does he create the robotic dog muffit, he also reprograms a damaged Cylon Centurian to serve as a pilot for Baltar as part of a negotiation to free hostages. The Cylon is unable to pilot the ship as it was just put together quickly by Wilker in an attempt to give the appearance that a working Cylon pilot would be given to Baltar. The Cylon repeatedly hits in the dash of his Cylon fighter and needless to say Baltar is going nowhere.

Colonial Dr. Salik

Colonial medical doctor that helps Adama when he is wounded by a fire onboard the Galactica. Salik also treats a group of humans found in a small craft in a suspended animation state.

Colonial Commander Kronos

The ironfisted commander of the spacevessel known as the Celestra. His crew mutiny on him twice and he dies saving his crew. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medallion by Adama and fought well in previous engagement with Cylons before the great Holocaust.

Muffit and Boxy

Boxy (right) is the son of Serena. His dog Muffit was killed during the Cylon attack on his homeworld of Capricorn. Apollo has Galactican scientists construct a robot dog, Muffy (left) to help cheer up the boy. Boxy finds the Colonial Warriors to be heros and looks up to them as ideals. Boxy thinks that when he grows up that he wishes to be Colonial Warrior piloting a viper too. Muffit the daggit is played by a chimpanzee inside of a costume. In the show Muffit barks and his tail wags, and Muffit can even learn to emulate and perform tricks.

Angelic John from the Lights in the Sky

John is the spokesman/commander of the beings of light that follow Count Iblis as he mingles with the Galactican crew. John brings Apollo back to life after he is struck down by Iblis and instructs members of the Galactican crew to intervene in a world on the verge of nuclear self annihilation.

Sire Uri

An honorable member of the Colonial Council before the great Holocaust. He is found by Starbuck and Apollo living a lifestyle of plenty while most of the fleet is starving. His food is redistributed thoughtout the fleet. Apollo discovers that Uri left his wife behind while he had plenty of room for younger women aboard his ship. Sire Uri believes that if the Colonial Military is disarmed that it will not present a threat to the Cylons and hence the Colonial fleet will be left alone. On the planet Carillon Sire Uri plans to present an award to three brave pilots as an intro to his plan for disarmament. Before his plan can be embraced Cylon's storm the room and Apollo and Starbuck blast there way out, while Uri hides in fear.


Lucifer is an instrument of the Cylon Empire. He is an IL series droid assigned to serve under Baltar. Lucifer plots and schemes just like any human would. He even delights in hearing that another IL Series droid, Spectre has performed poorly on another planet. Lucifer respects Baltar's plans and his sneak attacks. But in the back of Lucifer's mind, their exists a plan to elevate his social status.

Cylon Imperious Leader

The Cylon Imperious Leader commands all Cylon forces. The Imperious Leader is housed in an organic living body. This was done partly to symbolize the victory of Cylon machine technology over the former biological creators of the Cylons. Where machines were once used as extensions of more intelligent beings, now a living body is worn as a trophy of sorts.

The Imperious Leader sits up high and delivers his edits and commands to rule the empire via a swivel chair. Cylon Centurians are often seen in the saga appraching their leader with sheathed swords much like ancient knights would approach kings.

Theta Series Clones

Theta Series Clones are male clones manufactured by Dr Ravashaw. They are used on a planet controlled by the Cylons which houses a giant pulsar cannon. The clones were designed to be incapable of reproducing with their female counterparts but they found a way.

While strong and hard workers they are dependent on their father Dr Ravashaw to give them guidance.


A human that is hunted by a group of 3 Borellian Noman as part of their blood hunt. He tells Starbuck that he is his father. At first it appears this is a lie just to get protection. But at the end of the episode he is featured in, it is revealed that he is indeed Starbuck's father.

Dr Ravashaw - A Scientist from the Gun on Iceplanet Zero episode. He creates a energy lens meant to spread intelligence throughout the cosmos. The energy lens is modifed and used as a weapon known as the Ravashaw Pulsar by the Cylons. The Cylons plan to corner the Galactica and shoot it down with this weapon.

Karibdis - a man that helped Baltar sabatoge the defenses of Capricorn to make way for the Cylon attack. Karibdis kills a viper pilot named Ortega and Starbuck is accused of the crime. Only one man knows who Karibdis really is and thats Baltar. Apollo uses Baltar to lure Karibdis out of hiding and then Karibdis is killed onboard a shuttle.

Spectre - A Cylon IL-Series droid like Lucifer that is put in charge of a planet whose only resitance to the Cylons comes from a small family.

Nogow the Boray - The leader of pig like creatures that ravage a small farming planet that the Galactica needs to trade with in order to gain grain. Starbuck finally gets the Borays to end the raids by buying off Nogow the Boray chief with food in exchange for him becoming the planet's sheriff.

Siress Bellaby - A colonial woman whom Adama bargains with in exchange for an energizer to trade for grain with a farming planet. Siress demands Adama marry her in exchange for the energizer but soon decides to skip on Adama.

President Adar - The original President of the Colonial Council of 12 that seems to be too trusting even with enemies. He is killed during the initial Cylon sneak attack after the "historic peace treaty" is signed.

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