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Science of the Saga Essay

The Galactica saga is a story that mixes, science with legend, and the possible with the impossible. Throughout the saga we see fuel burning consistantly as the Galactica goes through space. This is illogical because a thing once in motion will stay in motion unless something stops it. In the outer reaches of space where gravity does not exist nothing would stop a ship from continuing forward regardless of rather fuel continues to shoot out the back or not. In reality where the Galactica expends fuel to maintain its speed in the saga the ship would actually be accelerating. If there is no gravity or resistance to motion if you are at one speed and you then expend energy you will accelerate to a new speed and not just maintain the speed you were at. Illogical virtues are the hallmark of any good Sci-fi show as the reasonable and the logical is seldom the most interesting thing to see or experience. The most illogical element of all are the Cylons themselves.

The Cylons pilot their own craft rather than use computers. And if computers can not pilot Cylon craft why can't they be piloted by one and not three robotic machines? If humans can pilot a more advanced fighter with one pilot why can' t more efficient machines pilot a single craft all by themselves? The Cylons themselves alert enemies to their presence with a loud blaring whirling sound as a light beam moves from one side to the other on their visor. Why the noise would exist is a question begged to be asked for one thing? But even more puzzingly is how the Cylon Centurian seems to make more noise than an entire Cylon Raider ship with the ability to escape planetary gravitational forces. The Cylon Raider glides silently across planetary structures while the Cylon Centurian's whooming red eye can be heard anywhere and everywhere. Throughout the saga Cylons are seen marching about with sheathed swords yet Cylons are never seen reloading/recharging their laser rifles during the show. Why carry a sword when you never run out of ammo for your ranged weapon? Cylon ships have little as far as lighting to help guide them in space but Cylon Centurians with their red visor eye and shiny armor practically light up the sky. If a spaceship doesen't need much light to guide itself in space why would a Cylon Centurian?

If Cylons can be created at will, why are the average Cylon Centurians given so little intelligence? If processing technology exists would a machine race really reserve the best technology for certain machines and not others? It seems silly to have super intelligent IL Series droids, and then have dumb as hell machines everywhere else. If programming can't set a command structure then why would lack of intelligence be used to determine social command structures?

The Colonial Fleet has its share of illogical fallacies as well. Despite a shortage of spaceworthy vessels to carry human survivors into space there is room to carry murderers and cutthroats in special prison barges. The Battlestars have missiles but the only real time they are used is in close combat between the Battlestar Pegusus and a trio of Basetars. Aren't missiles supposed to be long range weapons? A mine field in one episode has to be destroyed rather than gone around inspite of how large space is and how easy such dangers would be to just go around. The fleet deals with food shortages in some episodes yet we seldom see methods of waste recycling or active farmers planting things. Further the crew is often seen drinking and partying with alcohol as if food was never a concern.

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