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Battlestar Galactica was an effects laden masterpiece that proved that even after Star Wars, television can provide Sci-Fi effects and stories that rival those of cinema. Most of the effects shots were reused again and again. But they were perfect and seeing them a thousand times doesen't change that fact. Battlestar was a tale of humanity at war with a robotic and inhuman foe known as the Cylons whose mission was to annihilate the lifeform known as man.

In the beginning of the series, the cylons launched a sneak attack against the twleve colonies of man spread out throughout various planets. This attack was launched after an historic peace treaty was signed between the Cylons and humanity. Human leaders were overtrusting and the majority of the human fleet in space (the Battlestars) refused to launch intercept vehicles even when a large unknown force was approaching them as well as the colonies.

This force approaching was the Cylons. They eradicated human settlements on all of the human colonies and destroyed all of the battlestars known to exist except one, the Galactica. The Battlestar Galactica had launched fighters against orders as a precaution against the then unknown approaching force. The backdrop is then set for humanity's great retreat. The survivors of this holocaust followed the Galactica in every ship and transport imagineable.

The Galactica went out into space searching for the legendary 13th colony of man which was known to them as Earth. The Cylons pursue them with a vengeance and even enlist the help of a traitor to his human race known as Baltar. The Cylons battle the human colonial fleet in space and on land. This series lasted from 78-79 with a total of 24 episodes. It was followed by the far less popular Galactica 1980 series.

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