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Ape Characters

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General Thad played by Tim Roth
General Thad is an ambitious leader of the Ape armies. He schemes to be given absolute power by the Ape Senate. General Thad pursues Ari romantically but seems to never progress. Thad brands Ari with the mark of human slaves after she is found gathering with human rebels in the forbidden zone. General Thad learns from his father about the true history of Ape and Human power. Along with Thade's Gorilla friend Attar, the armies of Apekind are commanded. Thad rules with cruelty and lives by a Machiavellian outlook on life. Any means justify the ends to Thad. When news of a crashed spacecraft reaches him he personally kills those who told him to ensure the information remains a secret. While willing to get a pet human child for his niece, Thad himself believes the world would be a better place if all humans were killed.

Ari - Friendly Human like Chimp played by Helena Bonham Carter

Ari is the daughter of Senator Sandar, a high ranking member of the Ape Senate. Ari has a passion for life and thrives for a world where apes and humans live as equals. Ari speaks publically about her outrageous beliefs, and uses her father as a shield from the authorities. When Ari spots Astronaut Leo in a cage, she just has to have him. She buys him and the female Daena whom he particularly liked. From there she becomes captivated by Leo whom she views as unique. Ari helps Leo and a band of others escape Ape City. General Thade explains this escape as a kidnapping of Ari and uses this to justify his absolute power under martial law. Thade's army marches on humanity and Ari and her human friends wait in the Forbidden Zone for their arrival.

Senator Sandar - Ari's Father played by David Warner

Sandar is the father of Ari, a rebellious human rights activist. Sandar's power in the Ape senate has kept Ari out of trouble for years. When Sandar has dinner guests over including General Thade, Attar, and Senator Nado, Ari makes a scene and speaks of human equality. Sandar is embarassed but seems to be able to do nothing to straighten out his daughter. Ari then helps humans escape into the Forbidden Zone. Fearing for his daughters life, Sandar is suckered into giving General Thade, a militaristic chimpanzee absolute control over the ape army.

Senator Nado played by Glenn Shadix

Senator Nado is a guest at Senator Sandor's dinner party. He comments on his time in the rainforest and the human problem. Nado reflects on when his government nearly bankrupted itself because of its welfare like nature in regards to humans. While an older, powerful ape, Nado enjoys the company of a much younger wife.

Senator Nado's Wife

This character is the wife of Senator Nado. She is seen during a dinner party at Senator Sandor's house. While Ari is a devout defender of humans, she is not. She is seen performing a strange chicken flapping like mating ritual before her husband Nado in the film. When humans spring forth into their bedroom both she and her husband jump for the chandolier which they hold onto in an attempt to stay clear of crazed humans passing through.

Pericles/Returning Semos

Pericles is a specially trained chimpanzee astronaut that is used in space in dangerous situations where a human pilot can not be risked. Pericles works closely with astronaut Leo Davidson onboard the space station Oberon. When an electromagnetic disturbance is discovered in space, Pericles is dispatched to explore. He dissapears and Leo travels into space after him. Leo gets lost on a world ruled by Apes. Right before the Apes are about to kill off a group of humans on the planet, Pericles arrives from space. Pericles is referred to as Semos, the first ape by the Apes of this world and his appearance brings peace between humans and apes on this world.

Attar the Gorilla played by Michael Clarke Duncan

Attar is a commander of the Ape Armies. He serves under General Thad and enjoys the thrill of hunting humans. Attar utters the line "take your stinking hands off me you damn dirty humans" in homage to Chartlon Heston's memorable quote during the original 1968 movie. Attar learned the art of fighting under his teacher Krull, whom he has to fight in the end. Attar is very religious and demands that everyone bow their heads before dinner so a prayer to Semos his god can be delivered.

Thade's Father - Played by Charlton Heston

Thade's father is the former king of sorts for the Ape World. In a state of dire sickness his son, Thade has basically taken his place of power among his people. Before death the creature confides in his son Thade about the truth of Ape history. Humans used to be the masters and Apes used to be their inferiors. By showing his son a gun man invented centuries ago, Thade comes to see the true threat that man may pose to Apes. Damn them all to hell is the last wish that Thade's father departs on Thade in regards to humans. Interestingly enough Thade doesen't look anything like his father. While Thade is a chimpanzee, his father appears to be a relative of the flying furry doglike creature from the Never Ending story movies.

Limbo, the Human Slave Trader played by Paul Giamatti

Limbo is a trader of human slaves. Limbo is cheap and shrewd in business practices. When negotiating the price for a newly captured group of humans, he jokes of the humans having lice. Limbo figures he will have to make his money on volume selling with such poor specimens. As a creature of wit, Limbo creates a variety of interesting one liners for the movie. When new humans arrive at his training compound he instructs his gorilla guards to "Get them out and get them clean." If only his assistant would remember to where his gloves will dealing with humans sanitation conditions woud be better. Limbo gives a human child to General Thade as a gift for Thade's nephew. Such a kickback to someone in power is a cost of doing business to Limbo. When captured by escaping humans, Limbo learns what it is like to be a slave and to be human. By the movie's end Limbo ponders a future world of trade with humans as he is eager to profit from any situation. He is the proverbial entrepreneur and Rockefeller or J.P. Morgan of his world.

Krull - long time friend of Ari and Ex Gorilla General played by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Krull is a personal friend of Ari and serves as a bodyguard of sorts for her. In the past Krull was a great general before, General Thad and his family came into power. Krull personally trained the Gorilla Attar as his pupil in military tactics. Krull travels with Ari, Astronaut Leo, and a group of human escapees from Ape City. Along the way he experiences what humans are all about. He watches as Leo uses his gun in a demonstration of power; this prompts Krull to destroy the gun out of fear for what it could be used for. When Attar marches with General Thad and the armies of Ape City against a band of humans in the Forbidden Zone, Krull stands and fights alongside the humans and meets his old pupil Attar in hand to hand combat to the death.


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