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Human Characters

Astronaut Leo Davidson played by Mark Wahlberg
Leo is an astronaut who is stationed onboard the space station Oberon. He works regularly with a chimp named Pericles which he trains to perform basic tasks out in space. When a great electromagnetic storm is detected out in space, Pericles is dispatched in a small craft to check it out. Leo doesen't like the idea and would prefer to go himself. His commander however believes in sending a chimp before sending a man to explore something dangerous. When Pericles appears lost in space Leo sneaks onboard a space pod and goes out into space searching for his chimp buddy. The exploration will rocket leo through the electromagnetic disturbance and cause his pod to crash on a strange new world ruled by apes but also populated by humans who exist as savages and slaves. Leo leads a revolt against the Apes.

Space Station Commander

This is the commander of the Oberon space station. He watches in disbelief as Leo one of his trusted astronauts disobeys command and goes out into space without permission searching for a chimpanzee who was used as a guiena pig to see if conditions in space were safe. The commander ultimately goes out looking for Leo who has crash landed on a strange new world. The decision to go after Leo ultimately results in the creation of a whole new world; the Planet of the Apes.

Space Station Chimpanzee Trainer

Leo gives this lady a hard time because she is so dedicated to her chimpanzees which she trains and looks after. Leo jokes with her that she needs a boyfriend rather than all of her chimps.

Karubi - Leader of Human Band played by Kris Kristofferson

.Karubi is the leader of a band of humans that live in the jungles out of easy reach of the Apes.Astronaut Leo Davidson first meets Karubi shortly after his crashlanding. Karubi is caught along with a bunch of others including his daughter, by Apes who are rounding up humans to be sold as slaves to the local slave trader Limbo. When Leo the astronaut leads a prison escape Karubi guards the rear and is met with death by Attar the Gorilla who charges him with a frenzied run.

Daena, Karubi's Daughter played by Estella Warren

Daena is the daughter of Karubi, the leader of a human tribe that lives far from Ape civilization. She is captured in a roundup by Apes, and becomes aquainted with Astronaut Leo Davidson as a result. To her Leo is the man that fell from the sky to change their world. When Astronaut Leo discovers his crew in space will not be coming to help him, he advises the humans gathered to resist the Apes to flee. Daena convinces him to help them fight.

Brave Foolish Boy

This boy is captured along with Daena, Karubi and Astronaut Leo by Apes during a roundup. When the three escape, the boy insists on being up front with Astronaut Leo and the others as part of their plan to surprise the Apes. When the boy doesen't stay behind as told, he gets caught in the stirrup of his Horse and has to be saved by Leo who cuts him free and then runs on foot, while this fool rides to safety on his horse.

Pet Child

This child is obtained from slave trader Limbo as a present for General Thade's niece. The child is to be used as a pet, and is kept in a cage as any human would cage a pet mouse. The child is provided free of charge by Limbo as a goodwill gesture to Thade. Limbo only has on bit of advice on this child, to never keep them around past puberty. To Limbo there is nothing worse than a human teenager.

Bald Human Servant

This is a well trained indoor human servant of Senator Sandar. When Leo escapes with a group of human slaves, this servant questions why they should leave. Astronaut Leo responds that he is already dead inside and should stay. After some thought the servant comes along but others wonder where his loyalties truly lie.

Black Warrior

This is one of the fiercest human warriors showcased in the movie. When the Apes try to round him up he fights back

Bon, Female House Servant played by Freda Foh Shen

Bon is an obedient indoor house servant of Senator Sandor, who is well known by Sandor's daughter Ari. When Ari agrees to take Leo outside of Ape City with a group of humans, Ari decides to leave a human child with Bon to take care of because Ari trusts her.


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