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Essay about Illogical Plot Elements

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1 In Planet of the Apes humans are seen grazing fields and surviving on their own except for the occasional raid by Gorillas. If The Apes notably Dr Zaius were so afraid of what man was in the past or what he could do, all humans would be caged or enclosed in some manner. None would be allowed to run free. How can Dr Zaius be so afraid of man and yet be content to let humans gather and communicate in the wild relatively undisturbed?

2 If the Forbidden Zone holds secrets of Man's glory days on Earth that would be so damning to Ape Pride why wasn't the area first sacked and artifacts destroyed in the past. If an areas holds secrets you don't want others to know about then the only way to know this is to have had someone visit the area who first thought the area's truths were dangerous. Such Apes surely would have destroyed the place or preserved it. Instead the area is left with haphazard artifacts here and there. A head from the Statue of Liberty lies on the beaches near the Forbidden Zone for anyone who ventures there to see. A chief defender of the faith would have at least made sure such blatant constructions were removed from sight.

3. The destruction of the Earth is sudden in Beneath the Planet of the Apes so how could three chimpanzees have time to fish a spaceship from the water, repair it and launch it right before the destruction of the Earth which no one had planned? Furthermore how could they travel back to the past when the ships gauges were smashed, and most of the fuel was probably spent?

4 The chief scientist that understood the human spacecraft from the first film, Dr Milo was no where to be found in the first film. If Cornelia and Zira could trust him with the spaceship could they not trust him with the knowledge of talking humans. Or are we to assume that Cornelius and Zira just found Milo the most knowledgeable Ape scientist on the planet at the last minute and then convinced him to repair and launch a spacecraft?

5 In Escape from the Planet of the Apes, the three survivors are kept together in the zoo inspite of their unqiue origin from a spacecraft in astronaut costumes. Zira's luggage was not searched and the Apes were not searched for weapons or anything unique they may have carried. They had steak knives, and a fresh set of clothes and no one knew until the Apes wanted to use them. Thats really lame security on such an important matter. Also the testimony of the Apes is broadcast to the world, such information surely would have been secret at first. The entire matter of the three talking apes on Earth was dealt with in an undisciplined fashion that no governmental authority would ever be guility of.

6 A circus performer owner, Armando teaches Ceasar the offspring of the talking apes from the future to speak. How can the Ape leader of revolution learn to talk from humans alone? And if he could how could he then have the powers to persuade and communicate with his own people whom he has never congregated with before?

7 In Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, chimpanzee Ceasar hides among a shipment of his fellow apes so as to erase his identity and allow him to enter Ape managment as a newly captured ape from the wild. Why would adult apes be sent to Ape Central for training. Like humans they would have to be taught from the period of infancy if they were to be able to live with humans and understand commands. The entire Ape Central complex seems to focus on just trainig adult Gorillas, and other Apes to do tasks. Never once is an Ape child seen being taught anything.

8 In Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, only Ceasar can speak full sentences. But by Battle for the Planet of the Apes a few years later, all Apes can speak. Compounding this impossibility is that these apes who speak are lucky survivors of a nuclear holocaust. So Ape survivors of disaster all learn to speak and think, while intelligent human survivors learn to hide and become victims of mutation as evident in the last Apes Film Battle for the Planet of the Apes. So intelligent human survivors have technology, vehicles, rockets, and a clear leader and still they suffer from mutation. Docile humans who live among the apes do not suffer from radiation's effects in the least. Seems ironic doesen't it?

9 Ape technology in the future is advanced in some areas and not in others. Repeating rifles and machine guns are present, but bicycles, telescopes, and binoculars which were invented by humans long before the previous things are no where to be found.

10 In the first movie, the Apes all speak in English yet Charlton Heston's character doesen't consider that he is on Earth inspite of the fact that all Apes speak the language of his country. How many alien worlds would feature an astronauts native language exclusively?


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