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General Sites excellent image gallery (nice gallery of pictures, animation series coverage, tv series guide, book info) sound download files, info on the cast of the movies, info on Charlton Heston, images from the movie, and a humorous Ape perspective image gallery Planet of the Apes multimedia site featuring images and downloadable Mpeg movie files from each of the Planet of the Apes movies

New Movie Sites, Planet of the Apes the Visitor fan site with news about developments on the production of the latest Apes film

Official Sites 20th century Fox official timeline chronology of the Apes Saga The sci-fi channel's Planet of the Apes page offical actress page official actress page Official Paul Williams Fan club site site of an actor that played a mutant in Beneath the Planet of the Apes site of an actor that played a mutant in Beneath the Planet of the Apes official site of the actor that played the Ape Lucius in the first and second Apes movies

Collecting Organizations fan collecting group, great source for Planet of the Apes merchandise of all sorts. Large selection of magazines and comic books for sale.

Props and Costumes information about the Gorilla weapons Ape reinactor group that performs at parties, conventions, and even performed at the 30th aniversary Apes celebration. Sells licensed costumes, masks, and weapon props. may still have original gorilla background costumes for sale may still have original gorilla rifle for sale (May still have gorilla costume from Planet of the Apes. It was listed in their catalog a while back. Call and find out. (Has lawgiver statue from Planet of the Apes for sale) Company that was planning on making licensed prop replicas till they went out of business. The site now is owned by a graphics company. manufactures planet of the apes style make up appliance kits sells Planet of the Apes replica costumes and masks ( also available from many other halloween shops)

Foreign Language Pages

Toys information about the Mego toy line from the 1970's Toy pictures     Planet of the Apes Mego toy price guide info about the old Mego toys, and the new toys by Hasbro

Other Planet of the Apes Pages sound clips, place to list Apes related things for sale and good nuclear war related resources review of the Planet of the Apes soundtrack chronology episode guide and link list info about new Planet of the Apes movie being considered parady story of Planet of the Apes the ape-o-naut pages, an ape perspective fan page Planet of the Apes mailing list tales the story of the first Apes movie with pictures Roddy McDowall

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