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2001 MOVIE

Plot Summary:

A human astronaut, Leo Davidson pursues his chimpanzee trainee, Pericles who is lost in space after exploring a dangerous electromagnetic storm. The astronaut is pushed forward in time and arrives on a strange new world. The world is ruled by Apes, and humans are the slaves. Gathering strength from a human tribe the astronaut arrives at a showdown between the powerful ape armies and a meager human resistance force whose aim is to defeat the Apes that rule their world. * Read more

Ape Characters

Featuring pictures and character profile details of memorable and minor ape characters from the film including General Thad, Attar, Krull, Ari, and Pericles.

Human Characters

Featuring pictures and character profile details of memorable and minor human characters from the film including Astronaut Leo Davidson, Daena, and others.

Comparison to Previous Ape Movies

Features analysis of ape culture, human power, ape technology, twist endings, and other similarities and differences between the original Apes movies and the 2001 movie.

Preview Information

Contains an archive of preview details from before the movie's premiere.

Comments on the Twist Ending

The possibilities for explaining the ending are numerous, but include:

1. Astronaut Leo does not land on Planet Earth even though he thinks he does. Instead he lands on the planet he just left from only arriving farther into its future.

2. Astronaut Leo arrives on a Planet other than the Earth or the Ape world he left from.

3. General Thad escapes his captivity and leads a group of Apes in a pursuit to conquer the Earth before humanity was strong via timetravel. Astronaut Leo then arrives on Earth to see the results of this conquest.

4. The ending (or entire movie after Leo leaves the spacestation) is a dream, story, or some other contraption which will have no validity in future sequels. *Read more about the twist ending

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Features information about new licensed merchandise available and soon to be available based on the film.

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Features a list of memorable quotes and an explanation of the context and meaning.


Features links to sites with previews, reviews, ending commentary, makeup details, and actor information.


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