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Replica Props and Costumes

*Also see Original Prop and Costume Info

*Also see Toys, games, and other collectibles offers a custom Ape like appliance kit for
home application. Application is a quite technical process
involving the use of spirit gum or other adhesive in addition to
acquiring and properly placing a fur like substance. Kits
can be purchased from Screamteam at

*Images courtesy of Screamteam

Licensed Planet of the Apes masks

One has molded hair the other has real hair. Order them
from or any other major Halloween
costume company.

*Images courtesy

Licensed Planet of the Apes Gorilla costume

This can be purchased without mask, and includes pants, shirt, boot
spats, wrist gauntlets, and chest piece. This is a reasonably good
affordable Planet of the Apes costume.The only real question is why the
jumpsuit is a different color than the ones used in the
movies? *Image courtesy

Planet of the Apes Gorilla Rifle

Icons ( is currently working on a licensed Gorilla rifle replica
In the past some have made custom made Gorilla rifles carved from wood. has information about the Gorilla weapons, sells replicas of the Gorilla guns, and may still have an original Gorilla rifle for sale

Additional Info

Apemania ( is an Ape reinactor group that performs at parties, conventions, and even performed at the 30th aniversary Apes celebration. They plan to have costumes and masks for sell in the future.


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