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After the great nuclear nightmare and Ape uprising that ended Man's dominance on Earth, primates of all sorts; "the Apes" established their own order of society. Much like Man's civilization of the 1800's, the Apes have feudal societies composed mostly of farmers and craftsman. Science is just beginning to take hold as superstitution, tradition, and religion collectively work to limit progress. The Apes have different suborders within their ranks such as the Gorillias, the Chimpanzees, and the Oragataun's. The Gorillias are pretty much delegated to roles as soldiers and protectors because of their great physical strength. Oragautan's dwell among the realms of the judges, politicians, and rulers of this new world. Chimpanzees are largely workers and on occasion scientists and doctors. The Oragauantans as politicians work with the Gorilla army to maintain order and keep the secrets of Man's former glory and the Apes former slave status from the masses they lead.

Small communities surrounded by vast untamed wilderness surround the Ape City capital. Beyond that wilderness lies the Forbidden Zone where artifacts and secrets from the past remain hidden. Living in ignorance of their past, the Apes in general believe themselves to be Man's superior by design and by history. Humans do not fit within the Ape Society except as zoo animals are kept around to marvel at or experiment on. Humans are herded and used for target practice. Only in the very last Apes film does the Ape saga hint at a future in which Apes and Man may exist as equals.

In the future, Ape science consists largely of technologies learned or stolen from their former human masters. Gunpowder and repeating rifles, coupled with domesticated horses, roads, and agricultural technology are in essence all the Apes have acheived. Absent from their world are domesticated pets such as dogs and cats since plague had long killed them all off. In their place the Apes keep humans around.

The great acheivements of the Apes lie in their social cohesiveness. Despite animosity between gorillas, chimps, and orgauatans, the Apes have managed to create an ordered world without murder. Only at the end of the last Apes film has an Ape killed another; when Gorilla Aldo kills leader Ceasar's son to further his coup for power. But ordered peace has a price as science and knowledge are held back and actively discouraged in many instances for the good of "the faith" or to prevent "chaos."


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