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ROCKY 1 Rocky fights Apollo Creed and loses a split decision of the judges with two votes for Apollo and one for Rocky

ROCKY 2 Rocky agrees to a rematch with Apollo Creed and wins by going the distance. In the last punch of the match both Rocky and Apollo Creed fall to the ground in exhaustion. Rocky gets up barely and his victory is proclaimed.

ROCKY 3 Rocky trains with Apollo Creed in preparation for his match against Mr T. During the match Rocky proclams "It's not so bad." as he takes punch after punch. But finally after his opponent becomes overconfident in his method of attack Rocky finds an opening and takes his opponent down for the count.

ROCKY 4 Rocky watches his friend Apollo Creed die in an "exhibition match" against Russian boxer Ivan Drago. Rocky agrees to a match in Russia against Ivan Drago to help reclaim Apollo Creed's honor. Rocky exists as "a piece of iron" to his opponent as he takes blow after blow but refuses to stay down. Eventually Rocky's dedication wins over the Russian crowd. Rocky wins in the end but at an incredible price.

ROCKY 5 Rocky takes to boxing again but this time as a trainer. His bout with Drago left him with brain damage on some level and an inability to fight anymore, so he teaches.


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