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The music of the Rocky saga is one of the greatest aspects of the movies. Around the world many associate the Eye of the Tiger song from the Rocky movies with training, dedication, and self perfection. The bullied, the downtroden, and the vanquished often train with this music in their mind. The music inspires and lifts the human spirit to its greatest levels. A song may just be words and lyrics but good songs have power. The Star Spangled banner galvanizes large groups of people together for the cause of liberty. In similar fashion the Eye of the Tiger galvanizes the individual human heart for the cause of self betterment and even liberty itself. In Rocky IV when Rocky first steps off his plane as it lands in Russia; the lyrics "It's east versus west and man against man" carry this cold hearted sense and it really does transvey cross cultural conflict that can drive nations to excellence or drive them to war. Rocky exists as a warrior, the music of the Rocky saga exists today as a battle hymn for those that strive to be the best they can be for all causes that define them in life.

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