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DVD Collection

This Five DVD Box set features audio commentary by the director, a making of video, deleted scenes, and an exclusive video interview with Sylvester Stallone not found anywhere else.

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Rocky is as much a cultural icon as a mere legend.Rocky is the realization of the ideal hero, of the dedicated heart, and of the commitment to succeed. On the silver screen Sylvester Stallone played a mere character, Rocky Balboa. But this character has arisen above the ranks of status of a mere boxing character. Throughout life everyone is placed in situations where their back is to the wall and its either win or lose; do or die. When in such situations each individual looks within themselves to the things of heros; to the Rocky or the Rambo
within their own human spirit for strength.

There have been legends before, there have been those of myth such as Hercules, Zeus, or He-man. But when it comes down to the wire within each person there does exist a hero and not just one found in past myths or by virtue of strength or speed. Rocky represents this hero; not the strongest, not the
fastest, maybe not even the smartest. This hero though is the best he can be and this is the legend that the Rocky legacy has departed on each human soul both for the present and for the future.


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