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Seinfeld Posters

Kramer Poster Portrait

This is a painted portrait of Cosmo Kramer. Throughout the Seinfeld saga Kramer desired fame and fortune. All of his schemes involved gaining either fame or fortune.

This huge 24x36 inch wall poster looks great hanging over ones mantle. When framed it is the ultimate reminder of just how quirky some people can be. This style of poster was shown in the Seinfeld TV series in one episode.

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George Costanza - The Art of Seduction Poster

This huge 36x24 inch wall poster looks great hanging over ones mantle. When framed it is the ultimate reminder of just what can happen when pursuing the "timeless art of seduction" in the most silly of manners.

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George Costanza utilizes his great intellect for the most inconsequential of purposes, often finding a way to get into the most embarassing sort of troubles imaginable. George posed for some glamour shots taken by Kramer, at the right is one of the more interesting shots created. George had the pictures taken because he thought the photomat girl liked him because he didn't get all of his photos back. In his mind that meant she kept some pictures for herself.

George decides to leave some special pictures for her develop one day. A big man develops them at the photomat instead. Before the postal inspectors, George is accused of running a strange perverted mail order pornography business. The poster at left is held up as evidence against him. The poster was so goofy looking that it has been released commercially.

Seinfeld Night at the Opera Poster

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