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Elaine Benes as played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus encounters many adventures in her life on Seinfeld. She sends out a Christmas Card with her nipple showing and engages in a wacky dance which she thinks
everyone loves as seen above.

Elaine has had many boyfriends
in her life. David Puddy is
the one that she stayed with
off and on the longest.

Info about Elaine's boyfriends

Elaine Benes is the only female member of the faboulous four. She provides a woman's perspective on things as well as her own view of the world. Elaine goes through boyfriends like most women go through cereal. Every week it seems she has a new boyfriend. Only one boyfriend, David Puddy can satisfy her it seems. She can not stand him for more than a few days, and then she breaks up with him only to get back with him again shortly. She has gone out with "the Whiz" a TV character that promoted a local merchant. With the motto "No one beats the Whiz" the image and fascination of the television ads slowly entered Elaine's subconcious. She was very happy with the whiz as "no one can beat him." She is happy until she finds out that she is going out with a TV ad character. During a contest to see who can go without sex for the longest, Elaine loses because of an encounter with John F Kennedy Jr. Elaine only uses the sponge as her form of birth control. When the sponge is to be discontinued she scavenges the city buying the only sponges she can find in hordes. From then on, if a man was not sponge worthy, then he was not worth Elaine's troubles.

Jobs: Elaine has worked for the J Peterman mail order catalog clothing company for quite a while. J Peterman reserves many of his special assignments for Elaine exclusively it seems.

Adventures at Work: After being caught making out with someone at work, she pretends that they were going out. This story appears to make people believe she is not the office scank, until her make believe boyfriend is seen making out with another.

Elaine is sent by J Peterman to purchase a set of Kennedy's golf clubs, which she leaves in the back of Jerry's car. The car is stolen and the thief tosses the clubs out the window at Kramer who is chasing the theif while in route to cash in his aluminum cans. The clubs are retrieved all bent up and mangled. Peterman, Elaine's boss, just assumes that Kennedy had a nasty temper on the golf course.

Elaine is asked to write a biography of her bosses life, J Peterman and purchases stories from Kramer to use as material. At first she thinks the stories are horrible and instead makes up her own. Peterman however hates the stories, so Elaine attempts to use Kramer's stories even though Peterman has told Kramer he can have them back. This is after Elaine lied and said her original stories for Peterman's life were Kramers.

After getting drunk at work Elaine goes crazy and does her own brand of dance. The "wacky dance" is born which everyone thinks is hillarious; everyone except Elaine.

Before the Seinfeld Show, Julia Louis-Dreyfus starred on Saturday Night Live as a regular..

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