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Essays And Themes About the Show

When one contemplates how the "show about nothing" could be so comical one starts to wonder just how nothing can provide such an interesting topic for the comedies of life. In life something is what people think about. People worry about details or they worry about the big picture. The little nothings that trouble people only for a single moment of a single day are quickly forgotten. Rather its a place to hide at work or a bad day with a coworker little nothings are soon forgotten. Seinfeld takes those little nothings and **** Read More about Why "Nothing" is interesting.

The one thing that separates Seinfeld from most other comedies other than being a self proclaimed show about nothingness is its intricately devised plots and storylines. Other comedies from the past could manage but a single storyline and attempt to weave comedy out of that. Seinfeld on the other hand takes multi threaded adventures occuring simaltaneously and *** Read more about Plot lines that twist, turn, then converge.

The characters of fabulous four of Seinfeld at first glance may appear a group thrown together that just happened to be funny. Elaine as the only female of the group provides balance and a woman's perspective on things. Elaine also allows for a sexual dynamic and tension to develop *** Read more about How the characters complement each other.

Settings frequently used in the Seinfeld show include Jerrys apartment, the coffee shop, and the movie theator. Other locations are used infrequently like the subway in one episode, and a parking garage in another. In Seinfeld even the settings for great adventures appear much like nothing. *** Read more about The Settings

Continuing Themes

The Jerry/Newman rivalry

Enemies to the bitter end, Jerry and Newman it seems have but one thing in common, that being Kramer.


Covers Jerry's fascination with Superman, superheroes, and his own superhero complex.

Terms from the Show

Covering all the terms unique to the Seinfeld universe such as low talker, close talker, anti-dentite, regifter and more.

References to Movies

Covers movies mentioned or parodied by the show as well as imaginary movies invented during the show.

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