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George's Girlfriends

Susan, George's girlfriend for the longest period of time. George gets engaged to her but then tries to get out of it. Ultimately cheap wedding invitation glue kills her. George helps run a foundaiton in her name and moves on with his life.

"The Convict" this is a woman held in a low security prision for embezzelment. George meets her in prision and engages in a relation with her. The relation has no pitfalls like a normal one. He doesen't have to fear her popping in or calling at inconvenient times, and he knows right where she is. She will always be available. The idea seems perfect until she is up for parole. George speaks as a character witness and promptly speaks of his girlfriends desire to hang with the "gang" as numerous "schemes" have been planned. After being denied parole, she escapes and meets George at his apartment. George enjoys conjugal visit sex, fugitive sex, and the thrill of danger before she is halled to prision again. Another man, one of Elaine's boyfriends who is balding is sent to prision by mistake for helping harbor her. His baldness made the police mistake him for George.

"The Bald Woman" After George gets a hair piece he is eager to see how well it will help him score with women. He meets one woman he likes a lot and one day tells her that he is bald. She breaks up with him, but not before sharing a secret; she too is bald.

"The George hater" One woman a masseuse that Jerry dates but can never get a massage from hates George so much and all of his advances, that is drives George wild.

Marisa Tomei, while engaged George learns that a friend of Elaine's can arrange a meeting between actrees Marisa Tomei and George. Marisa loves George for his humor, and loves guys of his type; short, bald men. All is going well until George admits he is engaged to another woman.

The Lady Jerry a woman that looks just like Jerry Seinfeld. Kramer calls her the Lady Jerry and states that George likes her because she really is an amalgamation of his best friend Jerry in a female body. George struggles to find something she and he have in common besides her similarily to Jerry. When she gets gum in her hair and cuts it short George leaves screaming as she then looks truly like Jerry.

The Cleaning Lady - George has sex with a cleaning lady at work and gives her a cashmere sweater with a red dot on it. She finds this insulting and gets George fired from his job.

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