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Name: Jerry Seinfeld

Alias: Karl Varnsen

Job: a stand up comedian

Fears: being in love with someone his parents like,
becoming really hairy, and germs. Jerry is a germophobe

Obsessions: Cereal, Superheros like Superman, and Germs

Friends: George is his best friend. Elaine and Kramer are also his friends.

Enemies: Newman, and Kenny Bania (brief enemy)
a rival stand up comedian .

Dreams: have a succesful TV show series, "Jerry" based on his life of nothing.

Jerry Seinfeld is a struggling stand up comedian that wants to have a pilot for his show Jerry considered by the head honchos at NBC. Jerry lives in an apartment with Cosmo Kramer as his next door neighbor and with two other friends in the building; Elaine, and George. Jerry is the focus of the show, in that all the people he know make up the show.

Jerry is a self professed germophobe that fears anything that has been in the toilet or in another person's mouth. When he drops one of his girlfriend's toothbrushes in the toilet and she uses it, he finds it impossible to kiss her for weeks.

Jerry obsesses with Superman, and cereal.

Jerry has many girlfriends but can never seem to stay with any one girl for long.

His quaint apartment serves as the focal point of the show and the setting used most often to start the gang's latest adventure.

Before the Seinfeld show, Jerry had one notable apperance in the Bentson TV show.

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