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Jerry Seinfeld the Actor

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General Sites contains biography, filmography, forum, photographs, and links. features links to sites and articles about the comedian a small fan site with a biography and links Askmen's profile of the actor featuring biography and comments on his positive traits.

Biography and Filmography contains biography, filmography, forum, photographs, and links. contains biography and filmography features biography and filmography Sony Pictures bio page on the actor.

Photo Galleries features two pages of thumbnailed images of the actor some of which are TV guide covers. contains two pages of thumbnailed images of the actor. features pictures of the actor from festivals, and other celebrity events.

Multimedia and Quotes an audio interview with Jerry Seinfeld before the Seinfeld show aired.,1041,14179,00.html?celfact4 video interviews with Jerry Seinfeld in real video format and windows video format. contains Jerry Seinfeld quotes in text format and real audio format features quotes from the comedian in text format contains Jerry Seinfeld quotes in text format a few joke like quotes from the actor about things like cab drivers, death, and workplaces.

News and Articles featuers list of headlines from other sites that link to news articles about the actor. an article comparing the exotic car collections of Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno including their Porsches. a news article about Jerry Seinfeld cancelling a show after his son got hurt.

Interviews Jerry Seinfeld answers a few interview questions with comedic quoteable answers an interview with Jerry Seinfeld with quotes about his Halloween book

Jerry Seinfeld Character small bio on the Seinfeld's character, Jerry Seinfeld

Forums and Mailing Lists the Internet Movie Database's forum to discuss the actor a brief message board for comments about actor Jerry Seinfeld contains a small message board with a few posts and links to Yahoo Groups for the actor.

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