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The Jerry/Newman Rivalry

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Jerry and Newman it seems have never gotten along. Newman is a mailman that often seems to be the reason for problems in Jerry's life. Newman brings fleas into Jerry's apartment and constantly pals around with Kramer. Newman is given access to Jerry via his friendship with Kramer. Kramer and Newman cook sausages in Jerry's place and plan many capers that leave Jerry in awe. Newman tries to upstage Jerry and believes that Jerry's day of reckoning will come. Newman controls the mail, and "information." A poor mailman scheming to bring down Jerry's world seems almost comical. Newman it seems gets his chance to ruin Jerry when Jerry is suspected of mail fraud involving a stereo which Kramer broke and shipped to Jerry to collect the insurance money. Newman questions Jerry and feels he has won, but Jerry only pays a fine. Jerry points out that Newman's planned millenium party will be held in 2001 instead of on Janurary 1, 2000 which leaves Newman furious.

Jerry and Newman agree to an alliance only once in an attempt to rid themselves of each other forever. Newman desires a mail route in Hawaii but has fallen behind on his mail route. Jerry agrees to deliver mail and wear one of Newman's old mailman outfits to do this. Jerry delivers mail on Sunday with the phrase "whoops" to explain mail on Sunday. The scheme backfires as Jerry delivers more mail to the correct addresses than Newman ever could, which allows Newman's plan to be discovered by his boss.

Jerry dumps a girlfriend because Newman dumped her before and stated she wasn't his type. To Jerry there is less much less to Newman that meets the eye. Even still Jerry can't stand to date someone that Newman dumped. Elaine wonders if there is more to Newman than meets the eye.

In the final episode of Seinfeld, Newman watches as Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer answer charges in court for violating a good somaritan law. Newman cackles with glee as Jerry is found guilty. Finally Newman has his bitter sweet justice against Jerry, the Superman of Newman's world that seemed to always defy punishment in the past.

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