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Name: Kosmo Kramer

Alias: Doctor Martin Von Nostrand, and H.E. Pennypacker

Jobs: A Series of Schemes

Friends: Jerry, George, Elaine, and Newman. Best friend is Newman.

Description: Cosmo Kramer is the next door neighbor of Jerry Seinfeld that just
somehow wiggled his way into Jerry's life. Cosmo borrows everything
from Jerry, and returns nothing. Jerry's refrigerator it seems is Kramer's
as well.

Kramer Posters

This is a painted portrait of Kramer featured in the Seinfeld show. For a larger picture of this poster or other Seinfeld Posters visit this site's Seinfeld Poster Section.

Kramer's Schemes:
Kramer has had many schemes, below are just a few

After adopting a highway, Kramer picks trash off it, and keeps the street immaculate. He later paints over the lines in the street to give drivers wider lanes. This created quite a debacle for drivers.

Kramer plans to open a make your own pizza restaurant where people go in to a restaurant and then take ingredients they want to make their own pizza.

Kramer plots with Newman to take aluminum cans, and bottles to a state with a higher deposit, and cash in on the amount.

Kramer purchases what he believed to be a chicken so that he can enjoy fresh eggs. He soon discovers that he purchased a rooster and not a chicken. After Jerry passes a bad check in a small store, Kramer agrees to have his rooster (little Jerry Seinfeld) cock fight another rooster in exchange for the check being taken down. In the end Kramer just couldn't let little Jerry be hurt so he intervenes during the cock fight and gets attacked by the rooster.

Kramer and a friend (the little guy) participate in medical research in exchange for money. They are paid to fake illnesses. At first Kramer fakes Gonhrea. This served as quite a bit of fun for Kramer until being type cast because of his previous performance.

After Jerry believes that a local laundry mat stole some of Jerry's money, Kramer takes a bag of concrete to the laundry mat. He puts it in the machine which it destroys. Jerry's money is later found but most is given to the laundrymat because of the destruction to the machines.

Kramer puchases a lockbox and looks for the perfect place for the key. He only hides the key at Jerry's apartment. Every place he hides it, it is quickly found.

Kramer plots with George to wreck havock on the place that has given George hell after finding out he is not handicapped. They plan to hurl a giant ball of oil out a window and create a mess to be remembered.

Kramer creates a reality tour of his life and sells tickets to people. He gives a tour via bus, of many typical places around town, but makes up a story to make everything appear interesting.

Kramer and Newman

Kramer has always gotten along with Newman the postman. Newman does not get along with another of Kramer's friends, Jerry however so things can get hairy.Kramer and Newman hatch many schemes together. They plan to take aluminum cans from New York to a state which charges a 10 cents deposit per bottle/can.. Thus they borrow a truck and plan to cash in on the difference.

Kramer and Newman compete on who will have the premiere new millenium Celebration. Kramer plans to have a Kromanium and Newman plans to have the Newmanian. Newman books plans for his celebration far in advance. Technically the new millenium begins in the year 2001 and not 2000 so plans for the millenim celebration end in ruins for Newman.

Kramer and Jerry

Kramer from the first day he first set foot in Jerry's apartment has borrowed everything, returned nothing, and used Jerry's apartment as if it were his own. Kramer shares his zany ideas and stories with Jerry such as shaving with butter, entering into a rooster cock fight, and everything else. Jerry often midway through one of Kramer's stories uses the phrase "Must I ask" to imply the question of why which one would ask Kramer during many of his crazy schemes.

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