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General Sites mailing list and on-line information about many aspects of Seinfeld from trivia, to pictures and sounds coverage of Seinfeld from the St. Petersburg Times on-line site. Features links and info about the real Kramer reality tour, and essays about the show features an episode guide, forums, picture galleries, and video clips.

Wikipedia - Seinfeld

Episode Guides extensive episode guide on one jumbo page or by season episode guide broken up by season. - Seinfeld jumbo episode guide all on one page episode guide page for each season episode guide for all seasons on one page episode guide page for each season

Other References - Seinfeld site where volunteer experts on the Seinfeld show will answer trivia questions

Fan Fiction

New Vending Machine - Seinfeld fan fiction about a new vending machine

The World's Most Comfortable Chair - Script for Seinfeld about the world's most comfortable chair (similar to actual script written later where George enjoys a massage chair so much he doesen't wish to return it)

Scripts features all of the shows scripts available to read online.

Quotes extensive Seinfeld quote site with quote pages broken down by episode. a page of quotes from the series primarily of Jerry and George.

Directories and Webrings 1500 uncategorized links

CGSTV - Seinfeld cgstv's index of Seinfeld sites (no descriptions, just titles)

Image Galleries features picture galleries and sound files grouped by character. a page of thumbnailed Seinfeld images.

Character Info Kramer ate my balls comedy site site of a Kramer impersonator site of the person that Cosmo Kramer's character is based on site dedicated to the Soup Nazi character, complete with mock menu and soup ingredients official site for actor Larry Thomas who played the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld.

*Also See Jerry Seinfeld Sites, Jason Alexander Sites, Michael Richards Sites, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Links

Multimedia and Games - features links to a few sources to watch each episode online. wav files of things the characters have said wav files of things said by the fabulous four, midi's of the theme music, larger files are zipped seinfeld sounds in real audio format


Seinfeld Chronicles - featuring show scripts, faq, trivia, character pictures, and links

ESPN - Seinfeld information from ESPN about the sport related aspects of Seinfeld from George's job with the Yankees to guest stars such as Keith Hernandez a website reports "Seinfeld and Philosophy" book mistakes they believe to have found. fan site featuring pictures, and trivia

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