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Movie References

The Seinfeld show touches on many aspects of every day life and culture itself, most notably in the area of movies. Seinfeld has direct or inferred movie references in many episodes. Such references include:

Wolf - Jerry leaps from the Peterman reality tour bus driven By Kramer once it stops and heads for the woods. Like Jack Nicholson from wolf the scene is shown in slow motion until finally Jerry can scratch as his chest hairs are itching due to the fact that he recently shaved. With a howl that it is good, Jerry finds a means to relax just like a wolf.

Superman - references are common in many episodes

A Cry in the Dark - Elaine makes a corny comment to a woman at a party after she repeatedly mentions her fiancee. She keeps saying "I have lost my fiancee, What happened to my poor baby." Elaine responds with "maybe the Dingo ate your baby." This is a reference to the Meryl Steep movie A Cry in the Dark which entails what happens when a woman's baby is kidnapped by dogs in Australia.

The English Patient - Elaine gets into trouble with her boss Mr Peterman after he learns that she dislikes the movie. At first Elaine lies and says she didn't see the movie, so he went and saw it with her, where the truth is revealed.

Schindler's List - Jerry gets caught making out during the movie, and his parents find out about it. With Jerry being Jewish his parents take great offense in this incident.

Edward Scissorhands - this movie is mentioned in the episode where Jerry is afraid to tell his barber that he doesen't like the hair cut he receives. Jerry instead opts to get a haircut in secret from an assistant to the barber. Newman gets a sample of Jerry's hair to prove that Jerry has been getting his hair cut elsewhere. The barber arrives at Jerry's apartment and things escalate until the movie Edward Scissorhands comes on TV which causes the barber, and his assistant to stare in awe at the master scissor cutting the movie displays.

Last of the Mohicans in the Seinfeld episode the maid, Kramer gets lost in New York while on a trip to visit his girlfriend who is now in another part of New York. Frightened Kramer calls Jerry from a payphone and asks for help. Jerry replies that Kramer should "Stay Alive, no matter what occurs, I will find you." This is an obvious spoof on the same line used in Last of the Mohicans when the character Nathaniel leaves his woman behind to be captured so that at least she will survive and be taken to the camp of the Huron Indians.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan after things don't go right with George's foundation in honor of his departed fiancee Susan, he looks up to the camera and screams "KHAN" just like captain Kirk did in Star Trek II. Later in an episode where George's twix's are stolen and his candy bar lineup fails he looks up just like Captain Kirk did in Star Trek II and this time yels "TWIX"

Citizen Kane when Jerry gets a chance to visit George's handicap bathroom at Play Inc he nicknames it Xanadu the name of the mansion that media mogul Cane dwelled in the movie Citizen Cane.

Cape Fear when Jerry turns in his Uncle Leo for shoplifting in a bookstore, the uncle trains in prison doing chinups to the movie from Cape Fear as if he is reliving the vengeance in the heart of the character Max Cady from Cape Fear who was also betrayed as he was.

Imaginary movies are also invented for the gang to see at the movie theator. Such movies include Agent Zero and Brown Eyed Girl. Kramer runs through a list of these movies when he pretends to be the moviefone service which has a phone number just one digit off from his own.

Melrose Place - this Television series gets Jerry into trouble with his current girlfriend who thinks the series stinks but thinks Jerry watches it still. She arranges for a lie detector test. The test uncovers Jerry's obsesison with the show, which Jerry, Elaine and George watch together at the end of the episode.

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