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George's Girlfriends
Including Susan, the George Hater, Marisa Tomei, the Convict, and more

Elaine's Boyfriends
Including David Puddy, the Whiz, the Got No Green Lantern, and more

Jerry's Girlfriends
Including the Virgin, the toy collector, the tractor story girl, and more

J Peterman - owner of the J Peterman mail order clothing business. Peterman is adventuresome, and unusual. Petterman is Elaine's boss while she works for the Peterman company. J Peterman is based on the real J Peterman which works for an actual company the J Peterman catalog company. The J Peterman company was responsible in the past for the sales of many prop and costume items used in the Titantic movie. Extensive information about collecting things used in movies or television shows can be found here.
Newman - arch nemesis of Jerry Seinfeld that works at the post office and always plots his revenge against Jerry. Jerry always greets Newman with a vindictive "Hello Newman" Newman gets along well with Jerry's friend, Kramer so he often is over at Jerry's which allows for quite a continuing feud between Jerry and Newman. On one occasion Jerry and Newman form an alliance to get Newman transfered to a Postal job in Hawaii. Jerry helps him deliver mail but the fact that people get mail on time and with so little mail lost, gives away the scheme as the post office never delivers things on time to the right people on the show.
Jackie Chiles the Lawyer - the famed black lawyer from the show that will represent any outrageous lawsuit provided their is money at stake. He is George and Jerry's lawyer against the heiress to the O Henry chocolate fortune whome they are suing for wreckless endangerment because she wore just a bra on the street which served as a destraction which caused an accident. Jackie also represented Kramer in a suit againt the tobacco companies and defended all four of the stars of Seinfeld when they are accused of violating a "Good Samaritan Law."


Soup Nazi - the owner of a restaurant that makes the best soup in town, but requires ordering instructions to be followed to the letter. If you step out of line, ask for extra bread or anything else, he will refuse to sell with the phrase "no more soup for you.". He is ruined after Elaine finds the recipes to the Soup Nazi's soup in a piece of furniture that Kramer got from the Soup Nazi.


George's Mom - elderly mother of George that treats George like a baby


George's Dad, Frank Costanza - a quirky man with a big temper. A famous phrase of his is "do you want a piece of me." He is the inventer of the Festivus Holiday which George has to bring his boss to after sending everyone at work a gift of a donation to a fake charity, the human fund.


Jerry's Uncle Leo - a strange character who often gets Jerry into trouble. After Uncle Leo continues to steal from a bookstore, Jerry tells someone at the store in the hopes that they can scare him straight. Instead of doing this, they swarm and Uncle Leo goes to jail and reinacts the scenes of Capefear as he works out in prison as if waiting for his revenge.

George Steinbrenner -manager of the New York Yankess, and George Costanza 's boss while George Costanza works for the Yankees. Steinbrenner is an eccentric character, that always seems to jump to the wrong conclusions about things. When George tries to get fired by wearing Joe Dimaio's jersey and spilling things on it, Steinbrenner thinks its a good idea, and does a similar thing himself for example.

Kramer's Midget Friend - Kramer's friend that is paid by a medical institution along with Kramer to fake an illness.

Baboo - an immigrant from Pakistan who is deported because Elaine forgets to give Jerry his mail for a really long period of time. The mail had Baboo's immigration papers so he is deported but returns to testify agasint the Seinfeld's in the last episode.

Jerry's Comedic Rival Kenny Bania - Banion is Jerry's comedic rival that Jerry thinks is horrible. But others seem to like it. Jerry decides one day during his stand up comedy routine to take a dive, so that Banion who follows his act would be met by a hostile crowd. This backfires because NBC executives after the show try to recruit Banion for a TV pilot just like Jerry had always wanted. Banion seems to take everything Jerry once had including his girlfriends, and his TV pilot.

Rye Bread Woman - George gives a gift of bread to a family and then accidentally brings it home with him. To make up for this Jerry gets another loaf of the bread and attempts to sneak it back into the house. Unfortunately the bakery was out of the bread, so Jerry had to steal it from the Rye Bread woman who later remembers the incident which causes her to vote against Jerry's father as condominium owners association president.

Seinfeld's Mom - Seinfeld's mome that often thinks Jerry is short on money.

Seinfeld's Dad - aspiring politician who uses scheme after scheme to attempt to win the election for condominium home owner president year after year

Bubble Boy - a boy that lives in a bubble for health reasons. George gets into a fight with him over a trivial pursuit game error which read "moops" instead of moors

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