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Season 1

The Pilot-Good News, Bad News

This episode did not have Elaine in it and has seldom been reshown. Kramer is referred to as Kessler which is the name on Kramer buzzer. Kramer comes over to borrow some things and from that point on never leaves Jerry's apartment for long. A girl Jerry likes asks to stay the night, and then asks to stay over even more. George thinks that she is just using Jerry so she can stay at his place. Jerry ultimately learns that she is engaged.

The Stakeout

Elaine brings Jerry to a party and he meets a woman that fasinates him. The only problem is that he knows nothing about her. On George's suggestion George and Jerry stakeout the lobby where she lives and attempt to find out more about her. George uses his alias Art Vandaley for the first time in this episode.

The Robbery

Jerry travels out of town and returns to discover that his apartment has been robbed because Kramer left the door not only unlocked but open. Jerry decides its time to move. George helps him to find a new apartment but George starts to like the new apartment too. George and Jerry fight over the apartment and Elaine insists that she wants Jerry's old apartment.

Male Unbonding

Kramer has an idea for a make your own pizza restaurant chain and seeks investors. He will not act on this idea more until a bit later on in the Seinfeld show. Jerry encounters trouble with a former childhood friend that is a constant bother to him. He constantly tries to avoid the friend but has little success.

The Stock Tip

George and Jerry get a hot stock tip and act on it. Jerry quickly sells his stock after the price dips down dramatically. George is determined to go down with the ship so to speak and holds onto the stock. The stock rebounds and then George sells it and enjoys his new found wealth. He tips big at the coffee shop but old habits are hard to break as he reaches for some of the money he just gave and retrieves it from the waitress. Jerry plans a weekend trip with his girlfriend, Vanessa but George insists that those sorts of trips are relationship killers as there is nothing to do but be alone and you can quickly get bored. Jerry hates the trip and is bored the whole time as he can find nothing to say.

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