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Season 2

The Ex-Girlfriend

George dumps his current girlfriend and Jerry then immediately starts dating her. She dumps Jerry after seeing his standup comedy act which she doesen't like. Kramer starts to like fresh fruit and nearly becomes obsessive. Elaine comfronts a man that no longer says hello to her. She just wants to know why.

The Pony Remark

Jerry makes a remark that immigrant children shouldn't ride ponies which greatly offends an elderly relative. She ultimately dies and Jerry debates rather to go to her funeral or go to his championship softball game. Jerry goes to his game but feels that she haunted him during the softball championship game. Kramer plans to put levels in his apartment within a month, and Jerry bets that he can't. Elaine thinks about the fate of the apartment of the woman who just died.

The Jacket

Jerry buys a suede leather jacket with a pink and white stripped liner. The jacket gets ruined when Jerry travels to meet Elaine's father and it snows. George can't get the theme music from Les Miserables out of his mind no matter how hard he tries. Elaine's father doesen't want to be seen on the street with Jerry because of his jacket which he is wearing inside out.

The Phone Message

George becomes upset with a current girlfriend and leaves nasty messages on her machine because he believes that he is being ignored. George later discovers that his girlfriend has been out of town for a while and has not had a time to check her messages or call George back. George plans with Jerry to switch tapes on her answering machine so that she will not find out about the nasty messages he left for her. Jerry George and the girl go out and then George says that Jerry needs to use the bathroom but has a fear of public bathrooms. George distracts the girlfriend while Jerry attempts to switch the tapes. The switch proves a succes but then the girlfriend tells George that she just recently checked her answering machine and found his messages hillarious. Jerry and his current girlfriend argue about the meaning of a dockers pants advertisement.

The Apartment

Jerry makes arrangements so that Elaine can have an apartment in his building directly above him. He realizes the possible complications of such an arrangement and tries to talk Elaine out of the apartment. Kramer uses mousse in his hair and appears quite a fool. George and Jerry hold a discussion as to who the bigger idiot really is between them. George tests the old "wedding band" theory to attract women. He wears a wedding band and appears to be married and discovers that this really does attract women.

The Statue

Elaine is editing a book by a Finnish author. Her boyfriend agrees to clean Jerry's apartment. Jerry has his apartment cleaned by someone who leaves the apartment spotless. Jerry is impressed that every small crevice is clean, and ponders just how it could have been done. Was this guy plasticman? Jerry receives a box of stuff from his grandfather. In the box was a unique statue that is identical to one George broke years ago that his parents had. The statue is placed on Jerry's mantlepiece. After the cleaning of Jerry's apartment it is realized that the statue is missing. Later Elaine and Jerry are at the house of the man that cleaned Jerry's apartment and they notice the statue is on their mantlepiece. They aren't sure if its the same one but they cause a confrontation notheless and risk Elaine's job editing the book.

The Revenge

George quits his job but later decides that he really shouldn't have quit. By Jerry's suggestion George goes into work the next day and just pretends that nothing happened. It doesen't work however and George still is out of work. George schemes a plan of revenge against his boss with Elaine to put a mickey in his bosses drink at a bar. Elaine distracts the boss with her appeal and her comments about how loose she is and how she believes it is right to just "let the guy do what he wants." George at first encounters trouble with a large lady on the stool beside the boss. He threatens to remove her whig if she doesen't get up and finally she does. George slips the mickey into his bosses drink and then the boss decides that he misses George at work after feeling cheerful because of Elaine's flirting. George tries to tell the former boss about the mickey but then the boss makes a snide comment about George and he just forgets it. Newman prepares to jump many floors up and plummet to his death. But he just can't get high enough up, and Jerry points this out to him. Jerry discovers that he has misplaced $1500 which was formerly in his laundry bag. After talking with Kramer about it, Jerry comes to the conclusion that the laundry mat owner stole it and together they plot a way to get revenge. Kramer and Jerry go to the laundrymat. Kramer pretends to have a rather large load of laundry when in fact he is carrying a bag of concrete. He nearly tips over as he brings the bag up to the top portion of the washer. The laundrymat guy just watches curiosly almost in disbelief. White concrete powder gushes out and Kramer then pours the whole bag in the washing machine and takes off with Jerry. Jerry later finds out that Kramer had the $1500 dollars and agrees to pay the laundrymat owner for the damages.

The Heart Attack

George believes he is having a heart attack. A doctor tells him that he did not have a heart attack but that he needs his tonsils removed. George finds that the cost of surgey is just too much. Kramer talks George into going to a more cost effective alternative, a hollistic healer. The hollistic healer's cure causes George's skin to turn purple. Elaine is interested in the doctor George went to earlier and the doctor is interested in Elaine but mostly just in kissing her.

1* The Deal

Jerry and Elaine ponder if sex between friends can work. They devise a plan with rules that will allow them to enjoy the benefits of friendship and the perks of sex together. The ground rules they set include that spending the night over is optional and you don't have to call the day after. These rules are to prevent the typical awkward situations that plague sexual relationships. George hears of the rules and is intrigued. At first he thinks the deal can not work but ultimately he is amazed. He asks Jerry for details about the relation with Elaine. He squirts a container of ketchup in the air as Jerry gets to a particularly interesting part. Things are working out well for Elaine and Jerry until Elaine's birthday comes. Jerry gives her cash. Kramer listens in on what Elaine has been hinting that she has been wanting and gets her a fold out (stool or bench?)

The Baby Shower

Jerry has to go out of town for a show so he agrees to let Elaine use his apartment to hold a baby shower. Kramer convinces Jerry on the benefits of an illegal cable hookup and so installation arrangements are made. Jerry's show is cancelled so he returns to his apartment. As the baby shower is underway the cable hook up guys arrive. George confronts a former date that embarassed him tremendously and which he deems the worst date he has ever had. Jerry encounters confrontation at the baby shower by a woman he agreed to call in the past but never did.

The Chinese Restaurant

The gang plans to see the comedic Sci-fi spoof Plan 9 From Outer Space and attempt a quick meal at a Chinese Restaurant but find that the wait is longer they bargained for.

The Busboy

George gets a busboy fired and tries to make things up to him but ends up losing his cat as well. Elaine has a houseguest over who will not leave.

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