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The Settings

Settings frequently used in the Seinfeld show include Jerrys apartment, the coffee shop, and the movie theator. Other locations are used infrequently like the subway in one episode, and a parking garage in another. In Seinfeld even the settings for great adventures appear much like nothing.

The Seinfeld show primarily takes place in Jerry's apartment for a large portion of each show. Jerry's apartment is adorned with Superman memorabilia, and cereal boxes. Jerry keeps a neat apartment as he fears germs greatly. The apartment serves as a place the gang gathers. Kramer comes over to get food and perhaps tell of a new idea he has for a scheme. Elaine comes over to talk with Jerry, and so does George. The gang just ends up all in Jerry's apartment almost by chance as they seldom plan to all be there at once. From the apartment the gang plans trips to the movies or coffee shop.

The coffee shop is a place where Elaine, George, and Jerry converse. Kramer usually comes after them and then sits down with a crazy tale. In one episode Jerry has to watch a dog and can not come to the coffee shop with Elaine and George. The result is that Elaine and George have nothing to talk about except Jerry.

The movie house is where Jerry, George, and Elaine often go to watch movies together or bring dates. Jerry gets caught making out during Shindlers List. Elaine gets caught not liking the English Patient. George gets caught attempting to make a bootleg video of a movie. So even at the movie theater the gang can get into trouble.

Other settings are used infrequently in the show. A subway allows the gang to travel their separate ways and discover adventure on their own. A parking garage enables the gang to get lost and hunt for their car all afternoon. How can one have an adventure in a parking garage one may imagine? Jerry and George get caught urinating as they can not find a bathroom.

The settings of Seinfeld are simple in design, not extravagent or eloquent. Much like worker ants the characters of Seinfeld are creatures of habit and dwell in only a few places.

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