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Superman References

Throughout the Seinfeld Saga, Jerry has displayed a fascination with Superman. From a magnet of Superman on his refrigerator to his numerous casual references to Superman and Superman Lore, the show really was one of the great promotional agents for the Superman saga while it was on the air.

Some of the numerous references to Superman and Superheros are listed below:

a magnet of Superman is on Jerry's refrigerator

a Superman statue is setting on a shelf near Jerry's stereo

Jerry has referred to Elaine as Lois Lane

Jerry refers to a girlfriend's apartment as the Fortress of Solitude which is a place Superman stays in according to the comic books. In the comics the fortress is in a cold desolate area and requires a giant key to open and gain entry.

Jerry wonders aloud if the reason one of his girlfriend's always wears the same dress is because she has a bunch of them just like Superman has a bunch of identical costumes and capes.

When Jerry dates a woman that will not laugh at his jokes he comments that jokes bounch off of her like she is Superman.

Jerry refers to one of Elaine's poor boyfriends as "the got no green lantern" a reference to another DC comics character (other than Superman) Green Lantern

Jerry refers to people he meets that apppear to be opposites of George and Kramer as the bizarros. The bizaroos were a group of beings invented in a World's Finest Comic Book starting Superman and Batman. Bizaroos are opposites, they see bad as good and good as bad. Bizaroo Batman has a useless utility belt rather than a fully functional one like Batman for example.

Jerry refers to people's nemesis as Lex Luther a nemesis of Superman. "Who is your Lex Luther" is a phrase Jerry uses often. Elaine's Lex Luthur is Sue Ellen the woman that wears a bra as a top for example.

Jerry picks the phrase Jor-El as his bank pin number, this is the same name that Superman's father used on Krypton.

When one of Elaine's boyfriend "the mimbo" in in the hospital as a result of a rock climbing accident which disfigures him, George brings Superman comic books to cheer him up.

Jerry compares the lipreading powers of one of his girlfriend's to Superman's X-ray vision. George considers lipreading just a skill like juggling.

After George orders a supposed cure for baldness from China, Jerry comments that a world without baldness is like nation of Supermen.

Jerry wins a race against someone who thought he cheated on a race in High School to the music from Superman. Music from Superman was also used during one of the clip shows summarzing past episodes from Seinfeld.

Jerry has referred to people's weaknesses as Kryptonite an agent which also weakens Superman.

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