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How does Survivor actually work ?

-Many thousands of entries (over 49,000) were received by CBS by applicants willing to try to go on the show

-CBS interviewed a certain limit of participants and then went off to choose 16 participants for their second season, The Australian Outback.

-Upon arriving on the set, the 16 participants were divided into 2 clans... For the first days of the competition, they must work one clan against another in different games. The loosing team will have to vote one of their members off the island in a tribal council. 

-After dismissing these participants, the two tribes finally merge together to form one tribe. As the game continues, the remaining contestants continue voting off one contestant every three days until only 2 remain. After that, the last members of the tribe to have been voted off are asked to cast a vote for the winning survivor who will win 1 million dollars!

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