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Television Ratings
Week of episode #3: 28.2 million viewers - #1 show in USA again (4-0 against Friends that got 22.5 million)

Week Viewers* Rank
Week 1 45.4 2**
Week 2 29.8 1
Week 3 28.3 1
Week 4 28.2 1

* in millions
**Super Bowl was ranked #1


What will Survivor 2 bring us ?

May 3rd 2001 - Tina the "non combatant" tagalong wins

After sacrificing idols, and an immunity challenge, the tribe gathers and picks a "winner." Should a Florida style recount be demanded, were the voters competent to make such a choice? You can get the full review here!

April 26th 2001 - Elizabeth Voted off

Colby wins immunity and the reward challenge. Eliabeth has no one to back her and is voted off. You can get the full review here!

April 19th 2001 - Roger Voted off

Colby gets upset with Keith and starts to question who he wishes the final three to be. But the alliance stays together and Roger is voted off. You can get the full review here!

April 12th 2001 - Amber voted off

Colby wins the reward challange and immunity challange. But his alliance crumbles as one of his own, Amber is voted off. You can get the full review here!

April 5th 2001 - Nick voted off

Keith, Colby and his tribe vote another member of their enemy's tribe off.You can get the full review here!

March 29th 2001 - Jerry sent packing

- Colby and Keith plot together and break tribal loyalty to get rid of Jerry. You can get the full review here!

March 21st 2001 - Recap and Clips

-Images and dialogue from previous episodes which was never seen before. This explains a lot. You can get the full review here!

March 14th 2001 - Alicia sent off

- Votes continue along tribal lines this time with the vote split between crafty Jerri and muscular Alicia. You can get the full review here!

March 8th 2001 - Jeff sent off

- Tribes of equal size merge and attempt to vote off the first of the members from their tribal adversaries. You can get the full review here!

March 1st 2001 - Michael
sent off
-What a show!! You can get the full episode review here! Just so you know, no member was attacked, though there was an accident..

February 28th 2001
Entertainment Weekly-Ok, sorry for such a delay between updates everyone! Today I received the new issue of the Entertainment Weekly, you MUST get it:) Seriously, it has a long article about the confrontation between Survivor and Friends and also interviews with the first 4 participants who got knocked off... Debb, Kel, Maralyn and Mitchell! So tomorrow should be quite a show with the little preview we saw thursday! For those who don't remember, a cast member of the Kucha tribe will be attacked by a gator..We know it's not Elisabeth but other than that...! So stay tuned, my review will be up on the page 5 minutes after the show!:)

February 22nd 2001-Kimmi voted off
-Wow, this was some show with a lot of emotion as Ogakor absolutly needed to win the immunity challenge to stand a chance for the next episodes and they did! You can read the full episode review once again here.

February 20th 2001
-There is an interesting article in this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly about the Survivor vs Friends confrontation. Interestingly, both shows producers predicted the other one would be more viewed... ! Well no competition up to now for Survivor that is far ahead of friends in the two matchups so far!

February 19th 2001
-Today I added gallery #2 with 10 new photos !:)

February 17th 2001
-Well the last show of Survivor got another first place in the TV ratings with 28.3 million viewers, over 6 million more than "Friends"! But now the show is being criticised a lot because of Micheal having killed a pig in the show which got animal protection ogranisations involved and forced CBS to put an PG14 warning before the show!

February 16th 2001
-Today I added a link to an article about Jerri in her profile!

February 15th 2001 - Mitchell voted off
-Well another Ogakor member voted off today...hard to beleive!:( You can read the whole episode review here. Also, I started adding photos today, this time in gallery #1, you should see much more in the next days!

February 12th 2001
-Well for the last show, Survivor attracted an outstanding 29.0 million viewers, far more than ER that was second with 26.5 !!! And for the second week, Survivor did better than big opponent Friends, looks like the gamble of CBS was worth it!!!

February 11th 2001
-Today I added an article about Maralyn being voted off the show!:)

February 8th 2001 - Maralyn voted off
-Well things are getting tougher for the members now with food being an issue! You can get the full episode review here. By the way, in the previous survey, exactly 67% of the people who voted said they were surprised to see Kel being voted off..

February 1st 2001 - KEL voted off
-Another very interesting show tonight! A lot went on, you can read my full review here. I will try adding new photos tomorrow from the first two shows..

January 29th 2001
-Well I have corrected some stuff on the page today, thanks to those who pointed this stuff out!:) Also, I changed the survey just on the right !:) In the last one, over 55% of the 600 answers said that this new season of Survivor would be as big of a success as the first one!

January 28th 2001 - DEBB VOTED OFF
-Well after months of waiting, it was finally the time for us to see the 16 new contestants of Survivor tonight! If you missed it (I doubt it can be possible though!), you can read the episode review here. Also, you can go discuss everything in the message board! Over the next few days I will be adding photos and more stuff from the first episode so stay tuned! Oh and by the way, they showed Richard Hatch (otherly known as the gay and fat winner of Survivor 1) who was at the Super Bowl game tonight for those who might be interested....

January 27th 2001
-In less than 24 hours, Survivor II will be airing it's first show, I hope you will all be there to witness it!:) You can go discuss the show on our message board right now also!:)

January 25th 2001
-Wow, only 3 more days before we get our first look at the 16 new contestants competing for the 1 million $US prize!:) By the way, I was notified of some non-working links, please e-mail me if you see any, I am doing my best to fix everything up!:)

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TV Schedule
-02/22: Survivor episode #4 - 8-9PM

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