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GI Jane

In life there are hunters and then there exists the hunted. In GI Jane, Demi More attempts to be a hunter, to live and train with the modern male wariors. At an elite training academy for Navy Seals her will is tested, and her frail body is worked to the breaking point. Everyone wants her to fail. In the beginning all of her physical fitness tests are "gender normed." to help compensate for the lack of strength that females are known for. She refuses all preferential treatment. In one scene she moves a step meant to help her over an obstacle. She then proceeds to act as a step for all of the men in her unit as she helps them all over the wall. Her head is shaved, she transforms herself into a hunter, into a warrior.

Near the movie's end mock training missions are underwent by Demi Moore and her men. Her unit is ambused and mostly captured. Cruelty beyond any POW camp ensues; making for a good movie but a most illogical story element. None of her unit will reveal secrets about the plans and whereabouts of their uncaptured comrades.

But after Demi is hit and begins to bleed they offer to tell everything they know. In the film, this proved to many in power that women are not ready to join the elite fighting forces of America. In the end GI Jane it seemed was ready for the army and the rigors of war, but perhaps the army was not ready for her.

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