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Adventures in Babysitting

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General Sites offers cast and crew details, quotes, and links features plot summary, filming location info, and pictures Wikipedia's page about the film.

Bloopers and Mistakes features a large collection of nitpicks on mistakes in the film. features info about mistakes involving misppelled names, microphones in scene, and dissapearing seatbelts. contains info about a single goof in the movie involving geography.

Quizes and Trivia l features a selection of easy quizes featuring questions about Adventures in Babysitting a collection of trivia facts about the movie

Image Galleries includes a collection of tiny pictures of the little girl that liked thor from the movie. To view larger images at this site you have to pay. contains five pages of thumbnailed images of Elisabeth Shue who portrayed the babysitter in the film. features five pages of thunbnailed images of Elisabeth Shue features a small selection of Black and White images of Elisabeth Shue

Quotes contains a collection of quotes originally submitted by fans courtesy of the Internet Movie Database. contains a few quotes from the movie; scroll down on this page to view them.

Sounds features two sound files from the movie about singing the blues and the babysitter's "colorful" phase about how no one messes with her. contains two sound clips from the movie.

Thor Sites Marvel Comics page about character Thor Odinson. features info on continuing storylines in the Thor comic book as well as pictures of several comic covers. page about the character Thor

Chop Shop Sites an article in the Illinois Police and Sheriff News about allleged chop shops operated by mobsters in Chicago and greater Illinois like the one shown in Adventures in Babysitting. text of the Federal law against maintaining a chop shop like the mobsters who run into the Babysitter and crew do in the film.

General Babysitter Sites in depth analysis of the business of babysitting, including safety issues, bathing, dealing with infants, and professionalism. site about how to pick a babysitter for children with a brief reference to the Adventures in Babysitting movie. a small list of funny things learned about babysitting from Adventures in Babysitting.

Reviews Features links to 9 external review sites from the Internet Movie Database. Features links to 13 review sites courtesy of the Movie Review Query Engine Roger Ebert's negative review in which he states of the film that it "seemed littered with unrealized possibilities. The movie has good raw material, but it never really was pulled together into something I could care about much."

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