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In October 1972 a plane carrying a Rugby team of 45 from Uraguay to Chile crashes in the Andes. The survivors fend for themselves amidt the cold, in spite of injuries, and with a very limited supply of food. For 72 days they struggle to survive with only 16 actually surviving to be rescued in December.

The movie Alive tells their story for the world to see. It begins with the Rugy Team all upbeat about everything. But then their plane crashes and everything changes. The plane crash scene in the movie was one of the best ever from any movie. The wings and tail of the plane were torn from the body in midair before the plane even hit the ground. From that point the plane slides a good distance through the ice. Once out on the ground most of the survivors of the initial crash are injured in some ways. Some have broken bones and are unable to move. The only real food supply they have on hand is chocolate bars.

The Rugy team's captain becomes a leader of sorts for the survivors. He orchestrates rationing of the chocolate they have and asserts command over the others. After food supplies run out, his team begins to die off starting with the weaker members. After much thought and prayer the team's captain convinces those who remain that canibolizing the flesh of their dead friends is the only way they will be able to survive.

Bodies are arranged with their faces in the snow. Those who remain apparently did not want to know just who they were eating. From that position pieces of meat are cut from their bodies to be shared. Icey cold slivers of beef are passed around, and swallowed with great difficulty. A few of the strongest survivors are given the largest portion of the meat so that they can attempt to climb higher up the peak of the mountain to try to reach help and attract attention to airplanes or anything that may be flying over.

In the end there ultimately were survivors of this ordeal as the movie is based on a real world experience with survivors. To many this is the movie where people ate people and nothing more than that. But beyond canibolism the movie features, an incredible plane crash, and a survival of the fittest storyline veiled in prayer and religion that is a true adventure to behold.


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