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Analyze This

In almost any job, stress can undermine one's performance. In Analyze This, Robert Dinero plays a mobster who has lost his cool, and now finds himself crying for no reason at commercials, and doubting his own confidence before his inner circle of mobsters. This is a problem Deniro wishes to see solved so he turns to a shrienk played by Billy Crystal.

Billy Crystal at first refuses to accept Deniro as a patient because of his reputation as a mob boss. Deniro however weasels his way into Crystal's life. Deniro kills someone at Crystal's wedding causing it to be cancelled. Deniro finally does get his regular sessions with his shrienk which he insists remain confidential.

As the movie progresses Deniro confronts his fears, hopes, and deals with his inability to get it up sometimes. To Deniro being able to get it up is synonymous with manhood and his position of power. Deniro uses his characteristic toughguy lingo to convey his appreciation for Crystal's efforts.

In the movie's final scene Deniro plans to meet with the other mob boss heads. Crystal comes along as another pretend mobster which is a role he really plays up. Deniro it seems has regained his confidence. He unites the bosses, resigns from the mob, and leaves a mob film behind for the audience to analyze.

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