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Back to the Future Movies


Back to the Future

An eccentric scientist invents a time machine that enables people to travel to the past or to the future. The time machine is housed within a Dolorian car. In the movie, a son, Marty played by Michael J Fox travels back to the past to help change the future for his dad and his family. He dances with his own mother when she was younger, makes his father into a hero against bully Biff, and insures his own birth.

Back to the Future II

The Dolorian goes to the future to solve a problem with Marty and his kids. Biff the bully from the first movie steals the time machine and goes to the past to give an almanac with sports scores for the future to a younger version of himself. He builds a grand empire and marries Marty's mother. The movie features a unique view of the future complete with hoverboards, futuristic Pepsi containers, and self fitting clothes. The movie ends with the future secure.

Back to the Future III

The inventer of the Doloarian time machine travels back to the days of the old west. He finds a distant relative of Biff who is an outlaw and stands against him and saves a small town. This movie did not live up to the legacy set by the previous two.

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